New Charles Colyott and Mark Steensland Book in-stock and shipping!

by Charles Colyott and Mark Steensland

From Charles Colyott, acclaimed author of the Randall Lee mystery series, and Mark Steensland, co-
author of The Special, comes an emotional roller coaster of razor-sharp suspense.

Thanks to being dropped on his head when he was a baby, Jimmy is now both mentally disabled and
psychic. This has made him the perfect target for abuse by those who would exploit his wild talent for
their own power and glory.

Disgusted by his part in the game, Jimmy’s bodyguard Mike takes him on the run. But Mike’s boss isn’t
the sort to let a meal ticket go easily, so he dispatches a brutal hitman named Ash to hunt them down
and bring Jimmy back to work.

Winding through a snow-covered landscape of back alleys, cheap motels, and strip clubs, Mike must
fight his own personal demons while desperately trying to keep Jimmy free.


“Loved it! Colyott and Steensland have crafted an intense thrill ride full of suspense, action and heart.
Rain Man meets Midnight Run with some Stranger Things sci-fi mixed in. Highly recommended!”
— Stephen J. Smith, screenwriter of SUMMER OF ’84, author of THE SABRAEL CONFESSION

“Jimmy the Freak is a road trip thriller with a wild mix of heart, internal battles of right and wrong, and a
touch of the supernatural that ties it all together. Its pages are filled with conflicted characters trying to
fulfill what they believe to be their own personal truth. The only problem? Those truths conflict with
every other character’s motivations. Witty dialogue and a crackling pace make this novella a must-read.”

“Poignant enough to rip your heart in two but at the same time as dark as a serial killer’s soul, Jimmy the
Freak ranks among the best books I’ve read in the last few years. It’s a tale that expertly mixes horror
and noir, reminding this reader of a cross between Of Mice and Men, Frailty, and The Dead Zone, with a
dash of classic road-trip thrills: good guys on the run from bad guys with guns. In a word, Jimmy the
Freak is fantastic.”
— James Newman, author of UGLY AS SIN, ANIMOSITY, and ODD MAN OUT


No Home For Boys by Edward Lorn has arrived!

The final book of Edward Lorn’s All things lead to the End series in now in-stock.  No Home For Boys is available for purchase to all those who bought book 4, Everything Is Horrible Now, directly from Thunderstorm.  (If you didn’t buy Horrible from me, but are interested in this new book, shoot me an email at  I may have a copy or two.

I also got some more replacement dustjackets for book 4 back in-stock, so if you need one, just let me know.

Last, but not least, it would be helpful if you indicated your # in the comments (or email me) if you are looking for matching numbers.

Rattlesnake Kisses by Robert Ford and John Boden shipping soon!

Rattlesnake Kisses should start shipping in about two weeks!  Click on the cover image to place your order.

by Robert Ford and John Boden

Dallas is a man seasoned by both time and circumstance—a fellow you
hire to get certain things done. The kind of man you definitely don’t
want to cross.

The Kid is his protégé—his younger shadow with more quirks than
Dewey’s System has decimals. He’s loyal as a hound and just as likely
to bite.

After being hired for a seemingly easy job, Dallas and the Kid find
themselves on a wild ride. Every stop they make introduces lies,
violence and memories best left buried. When the control Dallas holds
so near and dear starts to squirm free, things get ugly. The routine
becomes anything but, and revenge is a bloody dish best served with a .45 pistol.


New Western in stock! Walk the Darkness Down by John Boden

by John Boden

Somethings are older than time. Older than darkness.
-Levi is a monsterous man–made of scars and scary as hell, he’s glutted on ghosts and evolving to carry
out the dark wishes of the ancient whispers in his head. He’s building a door and what’s on the other
side is terrifying.
-Jones spent a lot of time living bottle to bottle and trying to erase things. Now he’s looking for the man
who killed his mother and maybe a little bit of looking or himself as well.
-Keaton is on the run from accusations as well as himself, he suffers alone until he meets Jubal, an
orphaned boy with his little sisters in a sling.
-Every line is not a straight line and everything must converge. A parable writ in dust and blood on
warped barn wood. A journey in the classic sense, populated with dried husks of towns…and people
both odd and anything but ordinary.
Hornets, reverse-werewolves and one of the most vicious villains you’ll ever know are all part of it.
Pull on your boots and saddle up, we’ll Walk The Darkness Down.

“With Walk The Darkness Down, Boden turns his potent blend of lyrical yet-hard bitten prose loose on
the legendary landscape of the Old West. By turns poignant, terrifying and mythic, the story is infused
with a melancholic, blue collar fatalism and shot through with jet-black lines of violence and nihilism.
And yet, there is hope here as well as love–tiny points of light that seek to defy the dark and cold. It’s an
accomplished, powerful and moving piece of work and should cement Boden’s deserved reputation as a
storyteller of considerable talent–and one with a voice to kill for.” –Kit Power, Author
of GodBomb! and A Warning

“Boden presents unique, otherworldy visuals and characters in this Wizard Of Oz-esque,
Tolkienish adventure that feels more like Lansdale meets 80’s Body Horror meets Gunsmoke.” –
-Chad Lutzke, Author of Skullface Boy, The Same Deep Water As You

More Sick Stuff by Ronald Kelly up for Pre-order!


by Ronald Kelly

PRE-ORDERS will be from 1/6/19 to 2/23/19.  The print run will be based on the number of pre-orders.

The book is expected to start shipping in APRIL 2019.


In the foul and fetid darkness, it awakens.

Vile, unstable, brimming with ill intent, like pus on the verge of eruption. Repulsive to gaze upon and even more disturbing to comprehend. It reaches out and discovers that the other – its twin – has abandoned this cancerous womb long ago. Angry and alone, it thrashes violently, tearing, clawing its way from dormancy into daylight… and onto the dark playground of your bookshelf.

A decade following the birth of The Sick Stuff, an even larger and loathsome sibling emerges from the Thunderstorm press; anxious to share its horrors, eager to cut deeply and expose the raw nerves of fright and revulsion. More Sick Stuff offers ten abhorrent tales to tantalize and torture the fragile psyche; to cause the stomach to revolt and gooseflesh to crawl as though something, visceral and alive, lurks just beneath the surface…