A Little Sorrowed Talk by Brian Keene

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Today, I am announcing a new collection by Brian Keene titled A Little Sorrowed Talk.  This book is going to be published a bit differently than previous Thunderstorm Books editions.  It is going to be available in two states.  One is a signed limited edition hardcover done in typical Thunderstorm fashion.  The other is a signed limited edition softcover, which if you are old school like me, you may remember their popularity back in day.  Well, they are back.

I want to talk a bit about the softcover first.  Hardcover fans can scroll down to the cover (which also serves as the ordering link).

The signed paperback edition is going to be released exclusively through Nightworms along with Tales from the Shadow Side by Jonathan Janz.  The details for these are going to be posted on 7/15 via the Nightworms site.

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Again, Thunderstorm Books is not going to sell these direct.  All orders should go through Nightworms.  (The only exception to this is for paperback lifetime subscribers, special arrangements have been made so your copies will be set aside for you).

If you want to see some behind the scenes stuff, check out a video Brian Keene posted.  He shows the signature sheets for A Little Sorrowed Talk paperback edition while explaining the signature sheet process.

In addition to the exciting news of bringing back some signed softcover editions, Thunderstorm is going to publish a limited supply of signed limited hardcover editions produced in the Nightmare Alley line.  There are only going to be 150 numbered editions at $50 each.  Click on the cover image to get your pre-order copy reserved today.  These books are expected to ship in September.

by Brian Keene

Grandmaster Award-winner Brian Keene’s newest short story collection examines happiness and grief, love and hate, youth and age, and the darkness thriving in the gulf between them. A criminal decides to kill himself by getting healthy. The survivors of the zombie apocalypse find out there’s something worse than being dead or living dead. An author’s meta-fictional story brings disastrous results. A father discovers that the space between him and his child may be otherworldly. An antediluvian barbarian and a modern-day ex-Amish occultist face off against the same enemy. Your dreams. Your fears. Your hopes. Your regrets. In the hands of Brian Keene, all of them are just… A LITTLE SORROWED TALK.

New Glenn Rolfe, Tim Meyer, and Stephen Kozeniewski limited editions in-stock and shipping!

Three new Black Voltage titles are now in-stock and shipping.

by Glenn Rolfe

What kind of demons await you tonight?For Richie, life’s constant cheap shots are adding up. When he finds something is watching him, he never dreamed that it would show him everything he ever wanted.When his son, James, comes to stay for the last month of summer, the changes in his father’s behavior come to the forefront. What is his father doing staring into the window in the middle of the night?Was the fiery spark in the dark real? Or is Jame’s imagination getting the best of him?Summer’s almost over.And life is about to change.Will James be able to save his father? Or is it already too late?The Window holds the answers…and the key.

by Tim Meyer

These woods are dark and full of monsters…In 1991, hell was unleashed upon Saint Christopher’s Summer Camp for Kids. The killers left behind piles of bodies and rivers of blood. Some say a family of inbred cannibals was responsible. A masked psychopath with a butcher’s knife is another popular theory. Some still believe a camp counselor lost his mind and went crazy on everyone with an axe. But there’s also the mysterious, derelict factory that sits nearby, atop Kill Hill. A place where urban legends are manufactured, the grotesque and bizarre.Twenty-five years later, the factory on Kill Hill is still said to be operational, but no one can get near it. It’s safely guarded along with the secrets within. But there are a few loose strings and hitman Frank Harmon has been sent to tie them up. His kill list is short, but the night is long and full of unspeakable horrors. With the help of a few college students on an impromptu camping adventure, Frank must contain the mess at Kill Hill before it spreads to the neighboring towns. Before it infects the entire country. Before it invades the entire world.From the fantastical, high-octane mind of Tim Meyer, author of Sharkwater Beach and In the House of Mirrors, comes his most frightening tale yet! Summer camp this year is at your own risk.

by Stephen Kozeniewski

Someone has begun targeting vampires.

Vampire leaders of the thirteen Houses attribute the string of recent losses to over-zealous vampire hunters. Only Cicatrice, the most ancient and powerful vampire in the world, suspects that the semi-legendary Hunter of the Dead may be the real culprit.

Carter Price, a vampire hunter who despises the way his profession is becoming centralized and corporatized, begins to suspect the Hunter of the Dead is back, too – and no longer distinguishing between vampires and mortals. Against his better judgment, Price agrees to work with Cicatrice.

The uneasy allies attempt to uncover the truth about the Hunter, while a vampire civil war brews in the background. But perhaps most difficult of all, they must contend with their new apprentices, who seem to be falling in love with each other against every rule of man and monster…


Four hardcovers shipping! Trade paperback almost sold out.


I have shipped about 50% of the sold out hardcovers of Richard Chizmar’s The Vault.  The goal is to have all the remaining hardcover books shipped out by Wednesday.

I do still have a few trade paperback available (shipping in July).

I also have three new hardcover books in-stock and shipping this week that still have copies available.

FEROCIOUS by Jeff Strand.

MAYAN BLUE by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason.

THE BUZZARD ZONE by Ronald Kelly

Mayan Blue by Sisters of Slaughter and The Buzzard Zone by Ronald Kelly shipping soon

by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason

Xibalba, home of torture and sacrifice, is the kingdom of the lord of death. He stalked the night in the guise of a putrefied corpse, with the head of an owl and adorned with a necklace of disembodied eyes that hung from nerve cords. He commanded legions of shapeshifting creatures, spectral shamans, and corpses hungry for the flesh of the living. The Mayans feared him and his realm of horror. He sat atop his pyramid temple surrounded by his demon kings and demanded sacrifices of blood and beating hearts as tribute to him and his ghostly world.

These legends, along with those that lived in fear of them, have been dead and gone for centuries. Yet now, a doorway has been opened in Georgia. A group of college students seek their missing professor, a man who has secretly uncovered the answer to one of history’s greatest mysteries. However, what they find is more than the evidence of a hidden civilization. It’s also a gateway to a world of living nightmares.


by Ronald Kelly

The sky darkened, black and oily; swirling, impregnated with vigilance. It was not a bad turn of the weather promising rain or storm or tornado. It was keenly alive. Silent, yet ever moving, ever watching.
Ever alert for what was commonplace in those dark and dangerous days.
Always with its ravenous eye upon death.

It began in Juneナ the Infestation. A tiny, black insect the size of a gnat appeared from out of nowhere and swiftly took the world by storm. By September, 94% of the Earth’s population was dead ナ or transformed into mindless, flesh-devouring creatures known as Biters.

In the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee, Levi Hobbs and his family realize that isolation will not protect them forever. As the sky grows dark and turbulent with buzzards, they know that they are in the Zone and that violent and ravenous death is on the move. When the Biters invade Hobbs Ridge, Levi and the others leave their home behind and take to the road. But, heading into North Carolina, they discover new dangers and horrors to contend with; some put into motion by the Infestation, while others are conjured from the evil hearts of men unrestrained by law or conscience.

As they near the city of Asheville, the Zone grows more widespread and the hungry hoards merge into an unstoppable exodus of death and destruction. Levi and the others know then that there is only one place left to goナ one place in which to make their final stand.

New Book! The Vault by Richard Chizmar

THE VAULT by Richard Chizmar

The Vault is early me—for better or for worse—kind of like opening an old-fashioned road map and touching a finger to the big, black X that marks the first tentative steps of a long and arduous journey. A journey I am grateful every single day to still be traveling.

But that’s the future—and it will have to wait. Right now, let’s go back in time. Way back. Thirty years.

See that baby-faced guy slumped over his desk in front of the big window? That’s me, under that baseball cap, pecking away at my keyboard, learning, hoping, dreaming—always dreaming.

Let’s walk a little closer, and see what I’m up to.

—from the introduction.

This book is available in three states totaling only 400 copies.  All three states have the same content. The hardcovers should ship in June, the paperback in July.

Black Voltage #100.  66 signed and numbered hardcover copies, $85.

Nightmare Alley.  99 signed hardcover copies, $45.

Trade paperback.  235 unsigned copies, $15