2024 Newsletter #5: Kill the Hunter by Bryan Smith

by Bryan Smith

All families have secrets, but some secrets are bigger, darker, and bloodier than others.

Zach and Chelsea grew up in idyllic suburbia. Then one day their father vanished without explanation, ripping their world apart. A year later, a dangerous man shows up looking for him, a man who claims to hunt monsters and things that go bump in the night.

Soon the siblings are swept up in a whirlwind of violence and chaos, locked in a desperate attempt to elude the police as well as the mysterious organization of monster hunters. In the process of fighting to stay free and alive, they unearth all the secret things kept hidden from them their entire lives.

Scary, shocking things.

And nothing will ever be the same again.

Signed by Bryan Smith

Limited to 44 copies

Bonus novella: Bloodrush

Cover art by Vincent Sammy

Expected Ship Date: April 2024

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Important Thunderstorm News.

Hello all,

This newsletter is a bit different than my typical book announcements that come out on Sunday mornings.  Although I cannot go into any details, there is something going on in my personal life that is a bit unexpected, and to be frank, a bit disruptive.  Please do not worry to much, as it is neither health related nor financial in a nature.  However, it possibly could impact Thunderstorm in two ways.  First, it may take me longer than normal to reply to email communication.  And second, it may take me longer than normal to ship out books.  I am going to do my best to keep up on both.  I will be bringing on extra shipping help when possible.  (I guess there could be a third impact, a decline in social media usage, but I count that as a positive).

Even before I heard this news, I was already working on creating a pre-order status page so that you can check the status of preorders with a click of a button.  I am determined to keep timelines accurately updated twice per month.

This is on the menu bar across the top of the Thunderstorm Books home page as “Pre-orders”.

Pre Order Status Page

I am only going to include preorders that are over 60 days old on the page.  I expect the majority preorders will ship before they hit that mark.  For example, The Television  by Edward Lee that was announced on 1/14 is shipping now.

Currently, there are two previously announced books that are past this 60 day mark and thus listed on the page.  The first is The Drive-In Multiplex.  I know that people have been waiting for this one for a long time.  I know I have changed the expected ship date multiple times for this one.  I do apologize. Unfortunately, these are not ready to go like I initially thought they would be and I am diligently working on getting these out as soon as possible.  My best estimate is another 6 weeks or so, so early April.

The other book is Splintered: The Labyrinth Book 3.  I actually just got this one in-stock and it will be the next one to ship as soon as I wrap up shipping the Television (which is about 70% done).  It will probably take me a couple of weeks to ship out all copies of Splintered.

Another thing to note is that I will but the expected ship date on all preorder titles right in the listing themselves when announcements are done on Sunday mornings.  For example when The Bedmakers was announced on 1/28, I included an expected shipping timeframe of March 2024 in the book details.

I think these additions, although not perfect, will go a long way in keeping information as accurate as possible and will lessen relying on individual email communication for status updates.  

One last note, this personal news is only a temporary impact (freaking until June, but temporary, nonetheless).  I know I am being vague, but at this point, I have to be.  Buy me a beer at a convention after June and I will tell you the details.

Thank you for your understanding and support.  Thunderstorm forever.


2024 Newsletter #4: Pillowface Rules by Kristopher Rufty

Thirteen years ago, Joel Olsen befriended a brutal slasher and accidentally unleashed carnage on everyone around him. Joel barely made it through that summer vacation alive.

All grown up, he’s made a horror movie that’s become a surprise hit for its unique storyline, and its titular character, Pillowface, has become a fan favorite. But the fans don’t realize the terror depicted on screen really happened to Joel when he was a twelve-year-old boy. Now he’s a guest at a horror convention and has unknowingly attracted the attention of killers he thought were dead. Joel finds himself plunged into another massacre as his old slasher friend returns to defend him from the pack of sadistic killers.

This time, the genre Joel loves is also a target. But horror has welcomed a new symbol —Pillowface. And he’s fired up his chainsaw again to kill whoever gets in his way.


Signed by Kristopher Rufty

42 signed copies.

Cover art by David Acosta

Expected Ship Date: April 2024

Order today!

2024 Newsletter #3: The Bedmakers by Chad Lutzke and John Boden

After two elderly men tire of their homelessness in downtown Chicago 1979, they hop a train in search of work out west. But before their last stop, a traumatic event in an empty train car steers their once hopeful journey into a path of chaos filled with deceit, murder, graverobbing, and dormant secrets.

Signed by Chad Lutzke and John Boden

Only 60 copies!

Cover art by Chad Lutzke

Expected Ship Date: March 2024

Order today!

2024 Newsletter #2: Thunderstorm’s first Edward Lee book!

by Edward Lee

Burnstow is an ordinary little town populated by ordinary people. Farthing is an ordinary guy and he has just inherited an ordinary mobile home in an ordinary trailer park. Farthing looks forward to a nice, quiet, ordinary life.

But in the back room of that ordinary mobile home, there’s an ancient television that’s anything but ordinary. It doesn’t broadcast sitcoms, sports games, news shows, or movies.


It broadcasts only the very worst atrocities in human history.

Follow Farthing down, deeper and deeper as he struggles to reveal the appalling secrets of…


*Trigger Warning: All of them. This is a book of extreme horror, not for the faint of heart or stomach*

“Lee has managed to string together the most gruesome atrocities of our history into a cohesive story. And he describes them in cold graphic detail. I had to go intellectual to stay sane. It’s the most … I don’t know … horrifying thing. It’s true evil. Factual evil.” — Lisa Tone, Editor in Chief, Madness Heart Press

“Okay, so, I just read a paragraph, consisting of but three sentences. I had to put down the Kindle and go into the bathroom, rinse my damn face off. Then I looked at myself in the mirror, and questioned everything about myself, I laughed maniacally for a couple of seconds. I think it’s a coping mechanism. But that didn’t work so now I’m gonna go for a ride with Birdie and get some fresh air. For real. Three sentences. FML. I Love The Edward Lee.” — Brad Tierny, Extreme Horror book reviewer

Signed by Edward Lee

Limited to 100 copies.

Cover art by Alex McVey

Expected Ship Date: February 2024

Order today!