New Pre-order! Caroline Kepnes, Gabino Iglesias, John FD Taff, Mercedes M Yardley, and Kealan Patrick Burke

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Thunderstorm Books is proud to present a signed limited edition of LULLABIES FOR SUFFERING: TALES OF ADDICTION HORROR.  This edition will be signed by all six authors: Caroline Kepnes, Gabino Iglesias, John FD Taff, Mercedes M Yardley, and Kealan Patrick Burke.  The print run will be based on the number of pre-orders taken between January 1st, 2020 and January 31st, 2020.  The cover art was illustrated by the very talented Vincent Sammy.  The signature pages are all signed so the book should enter production immediately after the pre-order period and should be released in Spring 2020.

Come, listen to these Lullabies For Suffering.

Addiction starts like a sweet lullaby sung by a trusted loved one. It washes away the pains of the day and wraps you in the warmness of the womb where nothing hurts and every dream is possible. But soon enough, this warm state of bliss becomes a cold shiver. The ecstasy and dreams become nightmares, and for the sick and suffering addict, we can’t stop listening to the lullaby. We crave to hear the siren song as it rips us apart.

Each story in Lullabies For Suffering features the insidious nature of addiction—damaged humans craving for highs and wholeness but finding something more tragic and horrific on the other side. An incredibly talented group of writers sing these songs of suffering. You’re invited to listen.


Kealan Patrick Burke: “Sometimes They See Me”

Caroline Kepnes: “Monsters”

Mark Matthews: “Lizard”

John FD Taff: “The Melting Point of Meat”

Gabino Iglesias: “Beyond the Reef”

Mercedes M. Yardley: “Love Is A Crematorium”

5 new titles (Gonzalez+Keene, Rufty, Kozeniewski, Strand, and Triana)

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Hope you are ready for winter!  I have five new books that are now in-stock, including two that are part of a new line called Black Voltage VS.  With VS, the author or authors pit iconic characters from the horror realm against each other.

Please click on the cover images to get more details and to place your order.

VS #1  Clickers VS Zombies by JF Gonzalez and Brian Keene.  Only 99 copies.


VS #2 Pillowface VS The Lurkers by Kristopher Rufty.  Only 52 copies.


The Hematophages by Stephen Kozeniewski.  45 copies.  I am sold out of this book, please check with booksellers.


My Pretties by Jeff Strand.  60 copies.


Full Brutal by Kristopher Triana.  45 copies.  I only have a couple of copies left.

Another Ghost: A Poltergeist Press and Thunderstorm Books lettered creation

Poltergeist Press and Thunderstorm Books are proud to present Another Ghost—a new creation for the horror genre. Another Ghost will specialize in signed limited editions, typically 26 copies, lettered A to Z.  The books will be produced in upgraded bonded leather boards, with gold stamping on the front, spine, and back.  Also included will be specialty endsheets, and a satin ribbon page marker.  

Another Ghost will feature books by some of today’s best horror authors.

Our first two productions are A Penny For Your Thoughts by Robert Ford and Matt Hayward, and A Place For Sinners by Aaron Dries. Buyers who purchase these two releases will get matching letters and will have the first rights to future Another Ghost titles. This is a perfect time to get on the ground floor of a new press. The books should sell out quickly, so act fast.

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by Robert Ford & Matt Hayward

26 Copies, $99

Fresh from a stretch in prison, Joe Openshaw is living at home with his father and trying to get his life together again. He has let go of old habits, especially the ones that turned him into an addict and helped land him in prison.

On a hike along the Lowback Trail, Joe stumbles on one of the town’s oldest secrets—buried long ago, if not forgotten.

It’s an unusual but safe enough treasure—a jar of old pennies. What interests Joe isn’t the pennies themselves, but the pieces of paper taped to every coin—a child’s handwritten wish on each one.

When the first few wishes come true, they are simple things. Fun. Harmless.

Except as time goes on, Joe realizes they aren’t really wishes at all…they’re exchanges, and the bill was racking up.

Nothing is free in life.

Sooner or later, you always pay.

by Aaron Dries

26 copies, $99

Sometimes, survival is a sin.

Amity Collins, a 20-year-old deaf woman, and her gay brother Caleb, have lived a sheltered life since the death of their father thirteen years ago, a day of gunshots and wild dogs. Now the time has come to escape their mother’s hoarded home in Australia, and a history of trauma they haven’t been able to reconcile–until now. Their adventure abroad isn’t just wanted. It’s essential. With flights booked, they leave their claustrophobic town behind, nervous yet hopeful.

The Collins siblings backpack through the jungles of Thailand, drink and dance in Bangkok, accumulating friends. There is laughter, budding love, delicious risk. Amity has never felt more awed. Or alive.
Everything changes when they purchase boat tickets to a tourist trap the locals call Bastard Island. ‘Discover paradise, ‘ the advertisement reads. ‘Come and feed the monkeys!’

But there on that remote beach, surrounded by people Amity doesn’t know or trust, the trees twitch as though impatient or hungry. From within those shadows, savagery is about to be unleashed.
The tide of teeth is near. Those sands will run red. And on Bastard Island, even survival is a sin.

A Place for Sinners is a surreal, ultra-violent odyssey into the absolute heart of darkness in us all. It will snatch you by the throat, blindside you with its twists, and leave you too broken to ever travel again.

New Bryan Smith and Chad Lutzke in stock and shipping! Only a couple Janz HCs left!


by Bryan Smith

Only 56 copies!

An omnibus edition of Kayla and the Devil, Kayla Undead, and Wicked Kayla.


College student Kayla Monroe seems to have everything. Stunning looks, smarts, and loads of money thanks to her privileged upbringing. But something’s gone wrong. Ever since the start of her sophomore year, people have been avoiding her. Her friends shun her. Guys no longer flock to her. Even her former stalker, an awkward geek, now wants nothing to do with her.

She is on the brink of utter despair when she encounters a young man in the park. The man is charming and movie star handsome. Kayla thinks maybe her luck has taken a turn for the better. But she couldn’t be more wrong. Because this man is the Devil. Capital D definitely intended. The ultimate embodiment of evil. And he has something to tell Kayla.

Kayla hasn’t always been the nicest girl in the world. At times she has been downright mean. She’s grown past that, but now her past has come back to haunt her. Someone wants revenge. Bad enough to engage the services of the devil. But the tables have turned again and the devil now has his own deal to offer Kayla.

He can end her suffering. End the shunning spell. But only at a very high price. And Kayla must decide whether she has it within herself to surrender her soul and commit an act so heinous it will damn her forever.


For some, death may only be the beginning…

College sophomore Kayla Monroe has survived harrowing close encounters with Jack the Ripper, Elizabeth Bathory, and the devil himself. With those ordeals only weeks behind her, she is forced to weigh making a decision that could alter the course of her life forever and make it impossible to ever reclaim her place in the “normal” world she once inhabited. After a horrifying encounter with old acquaintances looking to settle a vendetta, Kayla finds herself drawn ever more deeply into the intrigues and conspiracies of the supernatural underworld. A haunted world where death may only be the beginning of an even more desperate struggle.


Six years after making her deal with the devil, things aren’t going so well for Kayla Monroe. Her life is in a seemingly irreversible downward spiral. She’s been kicked out of school. She’s drinking too much. All her old friends have abandoned her. Not even the devil wants anything to do with her anymore. That all changes on Halloween night, when she comes up with a desperate, last-ditch plan to pull herself back from the brink of total oblivion. A plan that will mean getting more than a little…wicked.

BONUS CONTENT: The Kayla sequels that never were. Partial manuscripts of followup Kayla stories that were never finished. An extra 23,000 words of content. This material differs drastically from what appears in Wicked Kayla.

by Chad Lutzke

Only 55 copies!

As beautiful as the night can be, it often plays a role in something more foreboding, supplying the catalyst for things both terrifying and imaginative. Utilizing this hallowed time of day, author Chad Lutzke offers 24 short stories, with creature features, sleep deprivation, hiding the undead, revenge, cannibalism, morbid habits, and executions of karma being just a handful of the themes covered in this book. Read on and discover what the mind produces when using the night as a catalyst.



by Jonathan Janz

Only 3 copies left.  Print run of only 40 copies for the Nightmare Alley version of this book.

A meek man enters a spooky theater for all-night horror movie triple bill. An unscrupulous contractor messes with the wrong family. A single mother discovers a bizarre link between her son and an unspeakable Lovecraftian horror. A con artist posing as an outcast from an Amish church gets more than he bargained for in the Indiana forest. And a college professor eager to make money by solving a decades-old cannibal atrocity learns the true meaning of terror in the Great Smoky Mountains.

In this collection of rarely-collected nightmares, you’ll find tales of suspense, dread, and madness.

It’s time to take a journey to Jonathan Janz’s Shadow Side.


Maelstrom 8. The rarest Maelstrom ever is now up for preorder

Maelstrom 8 is now up for preorder!  This book is expected to ship December 2019.

Three books.

Curse of the Bastards by Steven L Shrewsbury and Brian Keene

The Triangle of Belief by Brian Keene

World’s Fare by Michael Huyck.

Two states.

The limited editions will be done in very similar style as previous years.  Books will be bound in white cloth boards with full color dust jackets and black endsheets.  If you liked the style of the limited editions from the previous years, then this is the set for you.  But unlike previous years, where the print runs 260+ copies.  This year’s set will have a maximum of 150 copies produced in the limited state.  These books will be signed and limited, but not numbered.  Preorders will only be available until Sunday, October 13th or until the 150 copies sell out, whichever happens first.  The number of preorders becomes the print run.


The deluxe box set will be done with premium board material (no jackets), specialty endsheets, frontis artwork, satin page ribbon marker and a slipcase to house the three books.  These books will be signed, limited, and numbered.  Your name will be included on a special page.  This state is for collectors who like their books with some extra touches.  Pre-orders for this state are only available for the next 36 hours, this book will be sold out (and the print run established) on Sunday, October 6th at 4 pm AZ time.



Bored with retirement, the aging barbarian Rogan — accompanied by his loyal nephew Javan — returns to the land of his birth and encounters enemies both old and new near the great city-state of Nodd. All he wanted was to be left alone, but now Rogan will have to lay siege to the great metropolis, waging war against its bloodthirsty leader, uncovering the sinister plot of an ancient evil, and learning the truth about his god, Wodan.

Thunderstorm Books is proud to present CURSE OF THE BASTARDS — the final book in Steven L. Shrewsbury and Brian Keene’s Bastards Trilogy.


In January 2018, authors Brian Keene and Mary SanGiovanni witnessed a group of unidentified flying objects over their home. That encounter with the unexplained forms the basis for this honest, revealing memoir-styled treatise on faith, religion, the occult, atheism, agnosticism, science, and the supernatural, as Brian Keene takes the reader on a journey through his own belief structure, revealing how it has influenced him as both a person and a writer, impacting everything from his lifestyle choices to the books he’s written. Regardless of your own individual experience, you’ll find yourself pondering THE TRIANGLE OF BELIEF.


Darryl sees dead people and the history all around them. It’s a living that has always come with complications, but now Darryl has become a tool exploited by competing powers from different times, different places, and different realities. The struggle eventually lands him and his friend in the middle of New Orleans and the Robert Charles race riots, where the past they select will decide the future the world gets. This world, anyway.

Thunderstorm Books is proud to present WORLD’S FARE, the debut novel by Michael Huyck.