Today is the last day that Nemesai by John Urbancik and Brian Keene will be available for preorder.

Tonight, around midnight Arizona time, the Nemesai preorder period will end.  The print run is based the number of preorders.  In other words, tonight this book will be officially sold out!  Tomorrow, I will double check the count and then get signature pages printed.  The book should be released sometime near the end of October.

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by John Urbancik & Brian Keene

It starts with the red dreams. Everyone has them every night. But they’re just a precursor, because something deep within the bowels of the earth has awakened—something we defeated and sent back thousands of years ago. First, there are scouts which decimate cities, and the armies of humanity find their weapons impotent.

Enter Atiya Destine, professional adventurer and mercenary. She and her team with venture deep into the middle of China to follow the scouts back to where they came from: a hole in earth once protected by thousands of warriors awaiting the return of humanity’s Nemesai.

Enter Jane, a survivor of the destruction of Shanghai. Enter Stefan, trying to put down the unstoppable Nemesai with his fists.

They’ll enter the tomb of China’s first emperor, untouched for thousands of years, with rivers of mercury and pearls as stars in its sky hiding an underground city. Somewhere in that tomb, Atiya Destine hopes to find a way of driving back the rising army before it’s too late.

Enter the Nemesai. They cannot be stopped.

New Tremblay, New Keene/Urbancik, New Ochse pre-orders.

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Paul Tremblay 2 book set!

New Brian Keene and John Urbancik novella.  Open to preorders until 9/4:



New Weston Ochse novella!  Ten dollar soft cover!



I am going to be participating in an online book expo put together by Mary SanGiovanni.  My time slot is:

TODAY: SUNDAY AUGUST 23rd 1:00 PM to 1:50 PM EST

Here is the link where the event will be:

Search for: Buzz Book Expo 2020 live stream.

I really hope you can make it.  Most of my time will be announcing new books and doing Q+As.  I will be giving away a lot of free stuff!

If you cannot make the event, please check around 2:00 pm to see the new books announced.  These could sell out quickly.


3 New books for pre-order!

Our busy August continues.  These new pre-orders should start shipping in mid-Sept.  Click on the cover image to order!

Two new limited edition books for pre-order by Wesley Southard and Patrick Lacey

These two titles should ship around the first week of September.  Click on the images to order.

Cruel Summer by Wesley Southard.  Limited to only 45 signed hardcover copies.

Melissa Braun is a broken woman. Only wanting what’s best for her family, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to mend her fractured relationship with her abusive boyfriend. In a last ditch effort, she hopes the sun and sand of a much-needed Florida vacation will bring them closer together.

Patrick Braun is a demoralized kid. Quiet and sullen, he only wants his mother to see her boyfriend’s crippling torment. After years of silence, he refuses to stand by and let the abuse continue to tear them apart.

Hoyt Rainey is a vile man. Unable to keep his hands to himself, he finally takes his anger one step too far. Only this time, he finds himself on the receiving end of his own punishment. Down and down he goes, plunging deeper into the dark blue abyss of the sea.

Melissa and Patrick finally believe they are safe, the trouble now behind them for good. They are wrong.

Gods never really stay dead-they only lie in wait. And when a beast as old as time discovers Hoyt…he, too, won’t stay gone for long.

The nights grow darker, the water flows colder, and the cruelty of summer lives on.


A Voice So Soft by Patrick Lacey.  Limited to only 45 signed hardcover copies.

Angie Everstein, America’s newest pop queen, is sweeping the nation with her number one single “Forever with You.” When a string of murders and strange occurrences plague the country, police officer Mike Mallory believes Angie is somehow connected. Joined by a psychology professor, an amateur record producer, and Angie’s twin sister, Shawna, Mike will need to act quickly to stop the murders from spreading. Because Angie’s coming home to Salem, Massachusetts for the concert of a lifetime on Halloween night. And her fans are quite rabid.