New Morgan Sylvia book in-stock! Carrion Harvest just in time for Halloween.

The Tempest line got a little bit darker!  Click on the image below to purchase the first book in volume 2 of Mary SanGiovanni’s Tempest imprint.

by Morgan Sylvia

“I have known three mothers, and I have had three deaths.”

So begins the harrowing tale of a young girl’s journey from innocence to madness. When her mother marries an ambitious genetic scientist, she is wrenched from her simple but familiar life on the coast of Maine and thrust into an elite world of wealth and power. As her stepfather’s influence grows, she realizes that his experiments are not as benevolent as he claims … and that he serves a force far darker than simple greed. After a catastrophic disaster at his lab unleashes a devastating power that leaves cities burning and transforms the land into an apocalyptic hellscape, she must fight to save both her own humanity and the handful of survivors that remain.


Carrion Harvest is a stunning gift of old-school horror combined with a heartbreaking coming-of-age story, all wrapped up in mesmerizing prose. – Tom Deady, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Haven.

“Beautiful, dark and menacing…A truly terrifying tale about how assumingly good intentions can and do go horribly wrong when money, greed, and power come into the equation. Morgan Sylvia’s Carrion Harvest is environmental horror at its finest. Enter the fields…if you dare.” ~Renee S. DeCamillis, author of The Bone Cutters and Chisel the Bone

New Michael J Seidlinger limited edition up for preorder. Ships this month!

by Michael J Seidlinger

What came first, the home or the desire to invade? 

A seasoned invader with multiple home invasions under their belt recounts their dark victories while offering tutelage to a new generation of ambitious home invaders eager to make their mark on the annals of criminal history. From initial canvasing to home entry, the reader is complicit in every strangling and shattered window. The fear is inescapable.

Examining the sanctuary of the home and one of the horror genre’s most frightening tropes, Anybody Home? points the camera lens onto the quiet suburbs and its unsuspecting abodes, any of which are potential stages for an invader ambitious enough to make it the scene of the next big crime sensation. Who knows? Their performance just might make it to the silver screen.

Only 52 copies produced.  Order today!

New Wrath James White limited edition up for order. Shipping in October!

by Wrath James White

The heavyweight of hardcore horror returns with ten hard hitting new short stories and seven brutal epic poems exploring the darkest soul of humanity and the cruelty of life without pulling punches. Wrath James White turns his unflinching eye upon the gruesome, the violent, the tragic, and the erotic.

Artwork by Justin Coons

Only 52 copies. (Signed by Wrath James White, Edward Lee, and Justin Coons)  $110.  Click on the image to order your copy today!

Island of the Dead and shipping update


I have shipped out nearly all orders of Brian Keene’s recently released limited hardcover edition of Island of the Dead.  I ended up having a couple of cancellations, so I have a couple numbered editions left.  First come, first served…if you missed out here is your chance to pick this one up!

by Brian Keene

World Horror Grandmaster Brian Keene returns to zombies in this relentless sword and sorcery horror epic!

Einar, an enslaved barbarian, plots his escape from a war galley transporting troops and a mysterious weapon to far enemy shores. But when an apocalyptic storm at sea leaves Einar and his fellow captives shipwrecked on a strange, uncharted island, friend and foe alike must band together against a ravenous, steadily growing horde of the undead… and even worse dangers.

Not even death is an escape from the… ISLAND OF THE DEAD!


This week I will wrap up shipping John FD Taff’s 26 copy edition of The Bell Witch.  (I only have 1 left for sale!) and Brennan LaFaro’s I Will Always Find You: The Complete Slattery Falls (sold out).

Next week’s newsletter will have new announcements!



John F.D. Taff title in-stock and shipping. Only 26 lettered copies produced.

I only have a few copies left of this Screaming Cacti edition.

by John F.D. Taff

The Bell Witch by John F.D. Taff is an historical horror novel/ghost story based on what is perhaps the most well-documented poltergeist case to occur in the United States. It tells the story of the Bells, an early 19th-century Tennessee farm family who begin to notice strange occurrences-odd noises, bangings, gurglings. Eventually, an entity reveals itself to the family, calling itself, simply, the Witch, and makes it clear from the outset that it was sent to kill the patriarch of the family, John Bell, for a reason it never makes quite clear.

The Witch’s antics, while not exactly endearing it to the Bells, make the spirit somewhat of a novelty. Word of its existence spreads, first through the Bell’s slaves, then through the rest of the community. It tells jokes, makes predictions, offers unwanted advice and even sings. It shows an intimate knowledge of The Bible and of history and politics.

It harasses those who annoy it most, saving its ire for John Bell and his teenage daughter, Betsy. These two people become the focus of the apparition’s attacks, both verbal and physical. Ultimately, the Witch fulfills its promise of killing John Bell, while also forcing Betsy and her mother, Lucy, into considering their own roles in what created the spirit.

The Bell Witch is, at once, a historical novel, a ghost story, a horror story and a love story all rolled into one.