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About fifteen miles west of Stauford, Kentucky lies Devil’s Creek. According to local legend, there used to be a church out there, home to the Lord’s Church of Holy Voices—a death cult where Jacob Masters preached the gospel of a nameless god. And like most legends, there’s truth buried among the roots and bones. In 1983, the church burned to the ground following a mass suicide. Among the survivors were Jacob’s six children and their grandparents, who banded together to defy their former minister. Dubbed the “Stauford Six,” these children grew up amid scrutiny and ridicule, but their infamy has faded over the last thirty years. Now their ordeal is all but forgotten, and Jacob Masters is nothing more than a scary story told around campfires. For Jack Tremly, one of the Six, memories of that fateful night have fueled a successful art career—and a lifetime of nightmares. When his grandmother Imogene dies, Jack returns to Stauford to settle her estate. What he finds waiting for him are secrets Imogene kept in his youth, secrets about his father and the church. Secrets that can no longer stay buried. The roots of Jacob’s buried god run deep, and within the heart of Devil’s Creek, something is beginning to stir…

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Jaunty the Clown just wants to entertain families with lighthearted slapstick antics, but people think of clowns as terrifying, nightmarish creatures who hide in closets or under beds. When Jaunty, along with his fellow performers Guffaw, Wagon, Reginald The Pleasant Clown, and Bluehead are fired from the circus, they’re told that the world just doesn’t like clowns anymore.

Still, clowns have to eat. And since these clowns don’t eat children, to make ends meet they’re eventually forced to take a job in a popular haunted attraction, the Mountain of Terror. Instead of charming entertainers, they’re now scary clowns. A zombie clown. A demon clown. A creepy doll clown.

But the town is about to discover something more frightening than clowns. Because on opening night, millions of oversized spiders emerge from a cave and begin their deadly invasion…

From Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Jeff Strand comes an insane mix of shameless silliness and grisly creepy-crawly horror. Clowns Vs. Spiders. Who will win?


The last thing Tim wanted was to move to a small town like Crimson Springs after spending his entire life in a larger city like Nashville.  His dad was going to be the new police chief, so he didn’t really have much choice in the matter.  When he spotted the cute girl on the courthouse steps on the way in, though, he figured it might not be that bad.

Little did he know, Crimson Springs wasn’t an ordinary small town in the south.  It had a secret, an exceptionally dark one, and it was about to consume him.  Something’s not quite right with this place, and it is up to Tim and a pair of fellow outcasts to figure out what’s behind it, and to stop it before it’s too late.

Crimson Springs a lovely little place to die.

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Psycho newlyweds Grant and Lindsey Weatherby are true crime junkies with a thirst to know what it feels like to kill for real. Young, prosperous, and good-looking, they are seen by friends and family as the perfect couple. No one sees the dark side to their love. After their wedding, they embark on a trip across the country. As their honeymoon gift to each other, they plan to abduct, torture, and kill a stranger. But what was planned as a controlled one-time event soon explodes into a spiraling orgy of bloody, nightmarish violence and depravity.

Quick Update

Hello all,

Just a quick newsletter today to let everyone know that I am doing okay.  I do what I can to remain safe, but I am not 100% isolated by any means.  I am so grateful to be part of this awesome horror community. Thunderstorm Books has a lot of stuff in the pipeline that I am anxious to get released.  However, I am asking everyone to remain patient through the various publication delays we are currently going through.   In time, the thunder will pound, the lightning will crack, and the rain will pour down again.

Stay safe.

Here is a video I came across on twitter that showcases five terrific authors!



Last Chance for Lullabies for Suffering

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Thunderstorm Books is proud to present a signed limited edition of LULLABIES FOR SUFFERING: TALES OF ADDICTION HORROR.  This edition will be signed by all six authors: Caroline Kepnes, Gabino Iglesias, John FD Taff, Mercedes M Yardley, and Kealan Patrick Burke.  The print run will be based on the number of pre-orders taken between January 1st, 2020 and January 31st, 2020.  The cover art was illustrated by the very talented Vincent Sammy.  The signature pages are all signed so the book should enter production immediately after the pre-order period and should be released in Spring 2020.

Come, listen to these Lullabies For Suffering.

Addiction starts like a sweet lullaby sung by a trusted loved one. It washes away the pains of the day and wraps you in the warmness of the womb where nothing hurts and every dream is possible. But soon enough, this warm state of bliss becomes a cold shiver. The ecstasy and dreams become nightmares, and for the sick and suffering addict, we can’t stop listening to the lullaby. We crave to hear the siren song as it rips us apart.

Each story in Lullabies For Suffering features the insidious nature of addiction—damaged humans craving for highs and wholeness but finding something more tragic and horrific on the other side. An incredibly talented group of writers sing these songs of suffering. You’re invited to listen.


Kealan Patrick Burke: “Sometimes They See Me”

Caroline Kepnes: “Monsters”

Mark Matthews: “Lizard”

John FD Taff: “The Melting Point of Meat”

Gabino Iglesias: “Beyond the Reef”

Mercedes M. Yardley: “Love Is A Crematorium”