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by Greg F Gifune and Sandy DeLuca
A homeless man plagued by nightmares awakens in a hospital with no knowledge of how he came to be there. When he accepts the help of an organization that assists the downtrodden, he finds himself in a strange apartment building that may very well hold the key to his terrifying visions and forgotten past…
A pregnant woman on the run, haunted by her own bleak dreams and an out of control drug problem, speeds down a lonely highway in the dead of night. Charged with driving drunk and drug possession, rather than face jail time, she reports to a mysterious halfway house, unaware of the horrifying fate that awaits her…
A carefree young salesman agrees to a drunken night on the town with an enigmatic older man he barely knows, unaware that it will soon lead to the terrible truth behind not only his own life, but those lost souls that came before him…
Along the dark and lonely highways to Hell, in a city of night, foggy streets and shadow-filled alleys, their stories and lives merge in a fever dream of profane hunger, sex, savagery, and endless fire.
These are the passengers of night.  This is Blue Hell.

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What would you do for all the money in the world? Or to get with the girl of your dreams? What if you could make other people do anything you told them? What if all this and more could be yours just for winning a race…against the devil?

A long-abandoned church on top of a mountain in the Pennsylvania backwoods is where the devil waits for anyone brave enough to challenge him. The course runs from the gate, through the cemetery, to the church doors.

If you win, the prize is yours.

If you lose…you die at sunrise.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

To four college students looking for a good time, nothing could be further from the truth.

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by John Wayne Comunale

Jake loves his job working for a local family-owned craft ice cream factory. That is, until he’s transferred to the company’s main facility on the other side of town. The new workplace means new rules. And that means no more showing up on the job stoned and having two beers for lunch. The new position makes him uncomfortable and, while he’s told there are numerous coworkers, they never seem to be around much when he’s there. When his best friend goes missing and his new supervisors show up at a party, Jake begins to dig deeper. All of the strange occurrences seem to connect to a discontinued role-playing game Jake owned as a child, Mage of the Hellmouth. It all leaves Jake wondering what secrets are hidden in the ice cream.



by Lucas Mangum

A brother and sister embark on a perilous journey across a wasteland overrun by dinosaurs to rob the mountain home of a corrupt California senator. But the home isn’t empty…

When the faces of their missing friends appear in an eerie painting, teenagers Nathaniel Ernest Brown and Haley descend into dark places to set things right. But the creature who took their friends is waiting…

 A controversial film director plans to adapt a cursed screenplay and attracts the ire of a vengeful ghost. But she’s not the only one in Hollywood who wants him dead…

Pregnant with her father’s child, nineteen-year-old Courtney escapes her abusive home and finds shelter at the homestead of an earth-worshipping cult. But the congregants aren’t what they seem…

PATTERNS OF CHAOS collects four novellas by Lucas Mangum, including the Splatterpunk Award-nominated SAINT SADIST and the never-before published SKULL FOREST. 

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by Glen Krisch

It’s a time to say goodbye.

Krista Forrester and her family return to her childhood lake house to say goodbye to her dying grandfather. His last wish is to spend his final days surrounded by family. It’s a time to reminisce, a time for togetherness and love. But the family’s return awakens both forgotten memories and the unsettled spirits tied to the land.

Sometimes memories are better left buried.

Krista never wanted to return to the lake house. She hasn’t been back since Breann, her childhood friend, disappeared from the sandy beach right outside her back door. Her disappearance left behind both lingering sorrow and many unanswered questions. Was Breann a victim of a now-convicted serial killer? Will Krista and her family succumb to the evil bound to the lake house? Is Breann still somewhere close, waiting to be discovered? What are those melancholic little whispers Krista hears in the middle of the night?

Only by confronting the tragedies of the past can Krista guarantee her family’s future.

45 signed limited hardcover copies $99

by Edward Lorn

When war photographer Mark Simmons is sent to do a promo on Waverly Chasm, he assumes it’s a puff piece, a waste of his talents. Widow Marsha Lake brings her son, Lyle, to help him heal after his father’s death. Donald Adams, aka H.R. Chatmon, joins the tour to get away from a sticky situation. Justine McCarthy consents to the hike to placate her boyfriend, Trevor. For Jaleel Warner, the tour guide, walking the chasm is just part of his job. Each of these people must face their darkest memories in order to discover and defeat the secret buried in Waverly Chasm.

52 signed limited hardcover copies, $95.

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New Brian Keene and Mary SanGiovanni.

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Written during the 2020 Pandemic, the stories in this new collection from bestselling, award-winning author Brian Keene are an eclectic mix of quiet slow burn terror, extreme horror, splatterpunk, bizarro and weird fantasy. In a year of deep divisions among humankind, STORIES FOR THE NEXT PANDEMIC is an evocative, atmospheric, and frightening look at the fears that still unite us…and the end that awaits us all.

THE SHAPES OF NIGHT by Mary SanGiovanni

Sometimes, in Bloomwood County, New Jersey, children go missing.  Sometimes those children die.  And sometimes, strange and alien shapes of night resurrect the bodies of those children for their own.  When Tim Jenkins has a terrible vision of one of his former students, Charlie Bentner, being mangled to death, he seeks Charlie out and unknowingly entangles both of them in a battle against time and space itself, a race against the shapes to stop an evil from entering our world and changing its geometry forever.

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