Suburban Gothic by Brian Keene and Bryan Smith is up for pre-order.

Thunderstorm’s last book announcement of the year!

110 copies signed by both authors.  $95.  Expected to ship in December.  Click on the image to place your order.

Two titans of modern horror — Brian Keene and Bryan Smith — team up for a terrifying sequel to both Keene’s URBAN GOTHIC and Smith’s THE FREAKSHOW.

The Westgate Galleria Mall was once a sprawling, shining temple to American consumerism and suburban growth. Now, it is a crumbling reminder of how both have fallen — an architectural ghost, haunting the outskirts of society. That makes it the perfect filming location for a YouTube channel devoted to the exploration of abandoned places. But the mall isn’t as empty as it seems, and the residents have sinister, obscene plans for them. Now, with daylight still hours away, both the hunters and the hunted will fight to stay alive…and desperately try to make it home.

SUBURBAN GOTHIC by Brian Keene and Bryan Smith — Home is where the severed heart is…

Death’s Head Press and Thunderstorm Books announce Splatter Western Hardbacks!

With the popularity of the Splatter Western line of books, Death’s Head Press has partnered up with a sidekick, Thunderstorm Books, to bring these brutal, bloody, western books into signed limited edition format.  Each uniform volume will feature the original bold artwork by legendary artist Justin T Coons and feature tales from superb horror authors, both up-and-comers and veterans alike.  DHP and TSB are proud to present the Splatter Western Limited Edition Hardbacks.

How this sign up will work is the $10 will act as a placeholder and count towards the shipping of the first two books.  We are seeking to know how many matching lettered sets we can fulfill, so by signing up for the entire line you are letting us know your commitment to buy all the titles.  This will also allow us to get you set up in our system and get a matching letter reserved.

Since seven of the books have already been released by Death’s Head Press in paperback and ebook format, with more on the horizon, DHP and TSB have decided that the best approach is to offer flexible payment options for book collectors for the hardbacks.  You can build your Splatter Western Hardback set at your own pace.  We are getting ready to send the first five books of the series to the printer. However, you don’t have to buy all five at once.  As long as you are buying one book per month (or communicating with us if you need a different schedule), your letter will remain secure.  Books are expected to start shipping in January/February 2021.

As for the books themselves, they will have special boards, full color dustjackets (featuring Justin T Coons artwork), signature pages lettered only to 52 copies, numbered spines, and specialty endsheets.  The price of each book is going to be $75.

If you already are a Thunderstorm lettered edition collector checkout the Clubhouse page to secure your spot.  Otherwise, reserve your set today by checking out via PayPal by clicking on the image:


If the link shows “sold out” then no more sets are available.

If you have any questions you can shoot an email to or

Newsletter! Books in-stock! Finally!


It has felt like a million years since I last did one of these.  I have gotten a ton of freight in this week.  Nearly every day boxes of books have arrived.  I need to go through them all.  And go through and do some counts to see how many of each I have available.  Then develop a plan on shipping them all out.  I am going to start on that over the next couple of days.  I expect shipping them all out takes a bit longer than normal.

First, the book I am going to start this crazy week with is Wormwood by Chad Lutzke and Tim Meyer.  This is the signed limited hardcover version, bound in bonded leather with specialty endsheets.  Also there are a total of 4 bonus stories included (two from each author).  Only 45 copies bound in typical Black Voltage oversized format.  I am expecting this will sell out fast.

I highly recommend you follow me on twitter at @ThunderstormBks.  More books may be posted there over the next week or two.

Second, tomorrow, Sunday 11/15, I am going to have some amazing news to share!  I am champing at the bit.

Third, my last newsletter and book announcement for the year will be on Sunday 11/22.  You’ll want to tune in for this one.

One quick production update.  The Paul Tremblay two book set containing The Little Sleep and No Sleep Till Wonderland is now at the printer!  I have been told these will ship to me by the end of December.  Fingers crossed.

New Weston Ochse paperback is in-stock and shipping!

Click on the image to order!

Corporate and government messaging has transformed the idea that man’s best friend was the enemy of the human race. The advertising campaigns alone were geniuses of propaganda. Human psyche was bought and sold by the fear that any interaction with a pet, even the slightest, could cause a slow and excruciating human death; not just for one, but for the all of the elderly residents of the sixty-three McCain Freeholds in the Arizona Exclusion Zone—all for want of a drop of water. With the help of Evelyn 2.0, Colorado Compact River Regulator Ray Gunn has a chance to change it all, but will he be able to get past his own set of horrors and his own memories of the way things were before he can accomplish his mission? Because there is no doubt that this is a war and there’s really no reason anyone shouldn’t be able to have a pet, even during wartime.

Thunderstorm paperbacks in the November Nightworms package.


Nightworms and Thunderstorm are bringing you two signed exclusive paperbacks in November.  Note: these signed exclusive paperback are only available via Nightworms.  These will not be available directly at Thunderstorm Books or any other venue.  You can order the November package here:


Like previous NW and TSB team ups, hardcover editions will be announced and available via Thunderstorm Books later in the year.