Specials and Grab Bags 2021.

Thunderstorm Books rarely ever has sales.  However, I have been tasked by my wife to significantly reduce both my inventory on hand as well as some my personal copies of books.  So for the next week or two, I am going to be offering grab bags.  A perfect opportunity to try out Thunderstorm stuff!

During this time, the grab bags will be available every day.  Signed limited hardcover editions at paperback prices (these will consist of both numbered editions and personal PC copies, both older and newer titles).

Also during this time, specials may be listed.  These could be one of a kind type of items (or items in very short supply) that will be first come first served.

International customers will have to contact me via email for exact postage.


11/26 SPECIAL:

Palmetto by Ania Ahlborn hardcover edition

The hardcover version of this new novella by Ania Ahlborn is now in-stock and shipping.  Print run of only 150 signed copies.  Click on the image below to order your copy today!

Kim Devland nearly has it all. A great marriage. A baby on the way. All that’s missing is a house—one idyllic enough to fill the Norman Rockwell-shaped spaces in her mind. So when Kim’s husband, Eddie, books a property tour of a home Kim has been eyeing online, it’s love at first sight. Far too expensive for them to afford, Kim and Eddie make an offer anyway…and score the deal of a lifetime. The house is suddenly theirs, and Kim sees it as destiny. The house is where they’re supposed to raise their baby, joyful and free and full of nothing but the best memories. But homes—especially the perfect ones—are never what they seem. Before Kim and Eddie are even moved in, something begins to squirm beneath Kim’s skin. Something portentous. A warning. Don’t buy this house. But she ignores her misgivings. As if sensing its mother’s foreboding, the baby begins to squirm beneath Kim’s skin as well. Twisting. Writhing. But Kim ignores that, too. Blinded by the idea of storybook happiness, Kim barrels headlong into a dream that quickly proves to be anything but and unwittingly seals her family’s diabolical fate.

Paying homage to Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby, Ahlborn’s Palmetto takes the classic story of wanting it all and asks: how much would you sacrifice to have what you desire? And, watching your dream become a waking nightmare, how loud would you scream?

Note:  This book is a novella.  Approximately 100 oversize 7×10 pages.

3 books now shipping! New Laurel Hightower and Jeff Strand!

The fourth Tempest title, Crossroads, by the very talented Laurel Hightower is now in-stock and shipping!

by Laurel Hightower

How far would you go to bring back someone you love? When Chris’s son dies in a tragic car crash, her world is devastated. The walls of grief close in on Chris’s life until, one day, a small cut on her finger changes everything. A drop of blood falls from Chris’s hand onto her son’s roadside memorial and, later that night, Chris thinks she sees his ghost outside her window. Only, is it really her son’s ghost, or is it something else—something evil? Soon Chris is playing a dangerous game with forces beyond her control in a bid to see her son, Trey, alive once again.


Also, after a long wait, Jeff Strand’s new imprint, Gleefully Macabre, has titles in-stock and shipping.  The first is Autumn Bleeds into Winter which sold out during the preorder period in September.  The second title is Allison.

Right now Alison is only available to those who purchased Autumn Bleeds into Winter.  For those who pick up Alison within the next 48 hours, I will offer matching numbers.  At the end of the 48 hour window any remaining copies of Allison will be available to the general public.  If you missed out on these titles and are interested, you can email me at to be put on the waiting list.   Again, Allison is currently only available to those who bought the first book.


Last chance to order 3 titles! Brian Keene, Ronald Kelly, Stephen Kozeniewski and Wile E Young


These three titles will be sold out on October 2nd.  Last chance to order these!  Click on the images for more details.


3 New books in-stock and shipping this week. Gene O’Neill, Gord Rollo, Paul Michael Anderson and Brandon Ford.



by Gene O’Neill and Gord Rollo

People may not have heard of Robert Leroy Parker or Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, but everyone in America—and most of the rest of the world—have heard of their better-known aliases: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This infamous duo carved out their place in American history stealing horses and cattle, and ingeniously robbing numerous banks, stagecoaches, and trains.

Butch and Sundance’s fearless exploits are well documented, but New York Post Journalist, Mason Campbell, is determined to tell their story from a fresh angle. Mason meets Jessica Homes, a beautiful young woman who claims to be a direct descendant of Sundance’s mysterious friend and lover, Etta Place.

Jessica has many stories to tell; fascinating and exciting tales passed down through the generations from Etta herself. Firsthand adventures from the woman who stood side by side with America’s last outlaws though all the robberies, the daring escapes from local posses and tenacious Pinkerton Detectives, leaving the country for South America, and everything that followed. Etta was with them right to the bitter end and then, beyond.

It’s time the world heard what really happened to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

It’s time the world finally learned the truth…

Limited to 60 hardcover copies signed by Gene O’Neill, Gord Rollo, and Brian Keene.



by Paul Michael Anderson

In a mind-bending blend of horror, humanity, and the multiverse, killers stalk through summer camps, abandoned hospitals, rundown schools, and isolated houses, hunting anyone foolish enough to visit these places, leaving behind carnage, terror, death, and destruction. Sometimes, there are survivors, but, always, there is blood.

And these monsters do it to protect and preserve all of existence across the Multiverse.

But now the hunters are being hunted, killers are being killed, and life as we know it hangs in the balance unless they figure out a way to survive.

Limited to 45 copies signed by Paul Michael Anderson.


by Brandon Ford

Minutes gone. Hours lost.

For Paula Carson, a living hell becomes all too real when she experiences unexpected blackouts. Without warning, her world sinks into a cavern of darkness, and she wakes screaming, icy cold terror pulsing through her veins, with no memory of preceding events.

As instances become more frequent, Paula seeks the aid of Dr. Maggie Butler, award-winning psychiatrist, who introduces her to the powers of hypnosis. Each session helps Paula piece together an ever-expanding puzzle. As she slowly finds the answers she seeks, Paula falls from a dreaming nightmare into a waking one, where she is forced to question both her sanity, as well as her willingness to trust those she’s closest to.

Limited to 45 copies signed by Brandon Ford.