The Television

The Television
by Edward Lee

Burnstow is an ordinary little town populated by ordinary people. Farthing is an ordinary guy and he has just inherited an ordinary mobile home in an ordinary trailer park. Farthing looks forward to a nice, quiet, ordinary life.

But in the back room of that ordinary mobile home, there’s an ancient television that’s anything but ordinary. It doesn’t broadcast sitcoms, sports games, news shows, or movies.


It broadcasts only the very worst atrocities in human history.

Follow Farthing down, deeper and deeper as he struggles to reveal the appalling secrets of…


*Trigger Warning: All of them. This is a book of extreme horror, not for the faint of heart or stomach*

“Lee has managed to string together the most gruesome atrocities of our history into a cohesive story. And he describes them in cold graphic detail. I had to go intellectual to stay sane. It’s the most … I don’t know … horrifying thing. It’s true evil. Factual evil.” — Lisa Tone, Editor in Chief, Madness Heart Press

“Okay, so, I just read a paragraph, consisting of but three sentences. I had to put down the Kindle and go into the bathroom, rinse my damn face off. Then I looked at myself in the mirror, and questioned everything about myself, I laughed maniacally for a couple of seconds. I think it’s a coping mechanism. But that didn’t work so now I’m gonna go for a ride with Birdie and get some fresh air. For real. Three sentences. FML. I Love The Edward Lee.” — Brad Tierny, Extreme Horror book reviewer

Signed by Edward Lee

Cover art by Alex McVey

Expected Ship Date: February 2024

Black Voltage, 100 copy signed limited edition
$110.00 + shipping

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