Splintered: The Labyrinth Book Three

Splintered: The Labyrinth Book Three
by Brian Keene

The most thrilling, terrifying, fast-paced installment yet in┬ábestselling author Brian Keene’s critically acclaimed The Labyrinth series!

All is lost in the aftermath of The Seven’s confrontation with Leviathan and Nodens. Frankie, Bloom, and Lucifer are missing and feared dead. Tony is in ancient Rome. The Exit is imprisoned outside of space and time. Teddy, LeHorn, and Sarah are on a quick excursion to Teddy’s hometown, where both old friends and older enemies await. The remaining Thirteen are on the offensive, Heaven and Hell are mustering for war, the Labyrinth is damaged, the splintering of reality has begun, and the universe’s last remaining hope may be… Ob, Lord of the Siqqusim?

SPLINTERED: THE LABYRINTH Book 3 —┬áThe End continues, and this is the last dance…

Black Voltage Supercell, 248 copy signed limited edition
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