White Fire

White Fire
by Brian Keene

In this new expanded, revised edition of WHITE FIRE, a devastating new sickness sweeps the land, but is it biological or supernatural in nature? One person races against time to discover the truth, facing off against a foe who may not be human. Previously out of print and never before available as a stand-alone, this new edition of WHITE FIRE has been revised and expanded, and is considered the Author’s Preferred Version.

A couple of notes about this edition:

  1. Although this is part of Thunderstorm’s Black Voltage line, this work is novella length and comes in at 118 oversized pages.  I.e., it is slimmer than a typical BV book.
  2. The pre-order period for this title is 48 hours long.  It will be available for pre-order 5:30 pm AZ time on Friday 3/30 and be sold out 5:30 pm AZ time on Sunday 4/1.
  3.  Given the short pre-order window and details of this edition, it has the potential to be one of the rarest Brian Keene limiteds.  The limitation will be set based on the number of pre-orders in the ordering window.
  4. The book is expected to ship late May/early June.
  5. The default shipping method for US customers is media mail, which typically has a one to three week delivery time.  If you would like to choose a different shipping method, please email me directly at thunderstormbooks@gmail.com to make special arrangements.

Black Voltage, signed hardcover edition (2 day sale event)
$75.00 + shipping