Waking the Dead

Waking the Dead
by Kelli Owen

Hypnotized to quit smoking, Ben Danski remembers much more than how to kick a habit, as both distant and recent memories are unblocked, and change his life forever…

Faking his death to better the lives of those around him, Ryan Kolstad has spent a decade playing judge and jury, only to question the lies and rules he’s come to live by.

George Morey would do anything to save his wife from certain death, including providing the local witch with whatever she needs, and sacrificing his own past to secure a future.

A group of teens investigating a local legend and looking for ghosts of the past, find the present much more haunting—and dangerous.

These collected novellas—Buried Memories, Survivor’s Guilt, Grave Wax and Crossroads—range from psychological to supernatural, each utilizing graves—known, empty, or otherwise. Grab a shovel, notify your next of kin, and step inside the graveyard…

Black Voltage, 85 copy edition
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