Scum: Janitors VS The Living Dead

Scum: Janitors VS The Living Dead
by Sisters of Slaughter

Serenity Canyon promises the perks of luxury living with its overpriced housing, a private pool, a golf course and members-only country club. It is also tucked into the majestic red rocks just outside of Sedona, Arizona, providing a picturesque view for its residents. The exclusive neighborhood is a little slice of yuppie heaven, that is until one resident decides to end her marriage, and when she ends it, she ends it permanently by cutting her scientist husband into pieces. What she isn’t aware of is he has something hiding within his body, something insidious, something waiting to take over not only Serenity Canyon but the entire world. The parasite has but one thing standing in its way and that is SCUM.

The Serenity Canyon Maintenance crew, or SCUM if you wanna be a dick about it, are a gnarly band of custodial warriors and the Earth’s only hope against an undead invasion of puking, sharting corpses. Lalo and his crew have battled many disgusting things in their line of work but do they have what it takes to stop the demise of mankind? You better hope so.

Black Voltage VS, 52 copy signed edition
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