Video Night

Video Night
by Adam Cesare

It’s 1988. Ronald Reagan’s in the White House, Alf’s on the TV, and the body-snatching aliens have invaded Long Island, NY.

Wait, what?

High school best friends Tom and Billy know that their friendship is reaching the end of its lifespan. They’re drifting apart. One’s destined for college out of state and one’s going to be staying in their hometown. So why not live-it-up while they have the chance? Their weekly video night needs a shot of excitement: they secure some illicit substances, invite a couple girls, and attempt to make it a night to remember.

But this night’s not only the beginning of the end for their friendship, it’s the end of the world. They’ll need to use every trick they’ve learned from a lifetime of monster movies if they want to survive the creeping, insidious body-horror that now lives in their friends, classmates, and neighbors, an evil waiting to burst forth.

“The momentum keeps building. The stakes keep escalating. The monsters just keep getting worse and worse, the catastrophic mayhem more juicy and hopeless. Best of all, the writing moves like a greased torpedo, compulsively readable as it rockets through your brain.”
— John Skipp, Fangoria

Black Voltage, 52 copy hardcover edition
$80.00 + shipping