Unsafe Spaces

Unsafe Spaces
by Brian Keene

Thunderstorm Books is proud to present Brian Keene’s brand-new non-fiction collection, in which nothing is sacred…or safe. Be it loving tributes to authors J.F. Gonzalez and Tom Piccirilli (and a heartfelt account of how their deaths impacted him), ruminations on middle-age, a rueful look at how publishing and writing have changed, sarcastic barbs at pop culture’s obsession with superhero movies, a hard look at both sides of the social justice war, or thoughtful examinations of the works of writers like Jack Ketchum and Mary SanGiovanni, Brian Keene once again offers an honest, no-holds-barred critique our lives, our culture, and our world, and proves that we are all inhabiting … UNSAFE SPACES.

White Lightning, 100 copy hardcover edition
$95.00 + shipping