Under The Blade

Under The Blade
by Matt Serafini

Welcome to Forest Grove. A nice place to visit. The perfect place to die.  
As a teenager, Melanie Holden did what many others died trying to do. She killed Cryus Hoyt, the summer camp madman who terrorized the residents of Forest Grove. But now, years later, Melanie is haunted by persistent feelings that Hoyt isn’t dead.
So Melanie’s going back to where it all began. To face those fears and (hopefully) put those demons to bed. Only someone’s been waiting for her, and now the most sadistic mass murderer in the region has seemingly returned, stalking the streets in his infamous welder’s mask with an arsenal of cutlery by his side. As the bodies pile up and a decades-old crime is unearthed, the stage is set for one final confrontation between Final Girl and Masked Maniac.
No matter who wins, Forest Grove will never be the same.

Black Voltage, 45 copy hardcover edition
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