Twelve Gauge

Twelve Gauge
by Ronald Kelly

The citizens of Cedar Bluff, Tennessee have never recovered from the Christmas Massacre of 1978…that tragic day when Richard McFarland, armed with a shotgun, abandoned his wife and son and selected local church as the stage for a bloody, murderous rampage.  McFarland paid for his crimes in the electric chair.  Yet not even death will stop him from finishing what he started…

After fourteen years, Sonny’s father is back.  He had been away so long that Sonny hardly recognized him.  But Richard McFarland remembered his only son.  And now he will teach him how to kill, ruthlessly and without restraint.  Sonny is about to become a deadly force that will be unleashed on the unsuspecting citizens of Cedar Bluff.  For when the time is right, he will return to the small quiet town, bringing death and destruction on an even more terrifying Christmas Day!

Black Voltage Supercell, 100 copy hardcover edition
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