The Vault

The Vault
by Richard Chizmar

The Vault is early me—for better or for worse—kind of like opening an old-fashioned road map and touching a finger to the big, black X that marks the first tentative steps of a long and arduous journey. A journey I am grateful every single day to still be traveling.

But that’s the future—and it will have to wait. Right now, let’s go back in time. Way back. Thirty years.

See that baby-faced guy slumped over his desk in front of the big window? That’s me, under that baseball cap, pecking away at my keyboard, learning, hoping, dreaming—always dreaming.

Let’s walk a little closer, and see what I’m up to.

—from the introduction.



The Vault is limited to 400 total copies.   There are three states, all three have the same content. One is an oversized limited edition (66 copies), one is a standard sized limited edition (99 copies), one is a trade paperback (235 copies).  This is the standard size, bound in cloth, signed limited edition of 99 copies.

Nightmare Alley, 99 copy signed limited edition
$45.00 + shipping