The Skin Show

The Skin Show
by Kristopher Rufty

The Skin Show has existed all over the south for generations–hidden clubs offering their patrons a location to be whoever they desire, in a playground with free reign to do whatever they want without judgment or castigation. There is no cover charge, the drinks are free, and rules do not exist within the walls of The Skin Show. However, once you’ve entered, you’ll never leave, for what exists underneath each club is something of fairytales, but inside The Skin Show, there will not be a happily ever after.

People can’t resist the lure of The Skin Show’s tasteless corruption. Danny Raab was drawn into its inescapable clutch, and he never returned. Now, Andy Raab is in the midst of a desperate search for his brother. Accompanied by Karen, Danny’s probation officer, they will infiltrate The Skin Show’s living nightmares of debauchery, only to learn they have been on the guest list all along.

Black Voltage, 85 copy hardcover edition
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