The Mountain

The Mountain
by William Ollie

To Eddie Marshall, the idea seemed ridiculous: hitchhike to the mountains of North Carolina to help his lifelong pal haul a truck load of Christmas trees out to Louisiana.

But Mark Rockley had a way of making the ridiculous seem perfectly reasonable. And what did Eddie have to lose anyway? At least up here he could take his mind off crooked managers and bickering band-mates, and the conniving woman he’d left behind.

Had he known what happened to Harold and Maggie on the mountain this morning, he would never have agreed to go up there tonight. Even if there was a patch of trees free for the taking.

If Mark and Eddie had known what waited in the shadow of Rickert’s Peak, they would have stayed far, far away from that place.

Tonight, reason turns to madness, madness gives way to terror.

And bad things happen on… The Mountain.

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