The Lurkers

The Lurkers
by Kristopher Rufty

In the quiet farming town of Doverton, Wisconsin, a savage tribe of small humanoid creatures with sharp teeth and an unquenchable hunger for human flesh lurk in the woods and endless acres of cornfields. For decades what’s left of the people in the nearby town have tried to live as if the creatures do not exist, letting them steal what they need from their farms. A nervous peace has endured for decades. The truce has ended, and the creatures, known to Doverton as Haunchies, have unleashed an unstoppable terror on the citizens.

Gary Butler heads out to pick up a friend running from her abusive boyfriend, Sheriff Piper Conwell. Joined by Gary’s girlfriend and a small group of college students on their way home from a concert, he drives them directly into the mouth of the madness. And, as the moon begins to rise, these innocent people with go to great primitive depths in order to survive.


“Kristopher Rufty delivers the goods yet again!”
— Bryan Smith, author of The Diabolical Conspiracy and Kayla Undead

Angel Board was the best debut horror novel in a decade!”
Arrow in the Head

“Rufty knows how to bring the scares and mayhem like a charging bull with chainsaws for horns! No one is safe.”
— David Bernstein, author of Machines of the Dead

“Rufty brings on a solid-paced, suspenseful horror novel that had me marveling in my own perverse love of guilty pleasures. I liken Rufty to a mix of Richard Laymon and Edward Lee…”
— Alan Spencer, author of Psycho Therapy, on The Lurkers

“A powerhouse debut novel. Rufty’s prose will suck you in and hold you prisoner!”
— Ronald Malfi, author of Floating Staircase, on Angel Board

“A creepy, gripping tale of horror. And it’s got one of the best death scenes I’ve read in a long time!”
— Jeff Strand, author of Dweller, on Angel Board

“An occult thriller with a new twist. Rufty juggles captivating characters, breakneck suspense, and insidious horror in a macabre story that will leave you feeling possessed by the end of it. Next time you think about taking that old Ouija board out…forget it!”
— Edward Lee, author of Lucifer’s Lottery and Header, on Angel Board

Pillowface is one of the best horror reads I’ve come across in a long time!”
— Hunter Shea, author of Forest of Shadows

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