The Hollower

The Hollower
by Mary SanGiovanni

Something alien is stalking residents of Lakehaven, New Jersey. It can’t see them, hear them, or touch them, but it knows them — their fears, their insecurities, and their secrets. It knows how to destroy them from the inside out. And it won’t stop until each of them is dead. Dave Kohlar has never felt like he was good for anything. But when his sanity, his life, and the safety of his only family and friends is in danger, he has to look inside himself for a strength that his otherwordly enemy can’t touch — strength that can hopefully save them all.

Note to buyers: This is book one of Mary SanGiovanni’s The Hollower Trilogy. The books are designed to be displayed as a set, so all buyers of book 1 will automatically be billed for book 2 and 3 when they are released. The release schedule for these is March (book 1), May (book 2), July (book 3). Also, only the third book will be also available as an Hard Rain edition.

Black Voltage Supercell, 85 copy edition
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