The Fallen Boys

The Fallen Boys
by Aaron Dries

Marshall’s young son committed suicide four years ago. Where there was once the boy he loved, now there is a coffin, the stillness of the bedroom, an empty pet cage. Day by day, Marshall’s agony corrodes, destroying his marriage and chewing through all the ambitions that defined him for so long. A once strong man is without purpose—until the day he goes through his son’s old belongings and finds a teddy bear, the one with the slit in the seam. A thumb-drive tumbles from the stuffing and hits the floor. On it is a document. These ten seethingpages change everything. They give Marshall a purpose again. He is going to hunt down the people who drove his son to suicide, and in doing so, fall into a madman’s trap over a decade in the making.

THE FALLEN BOYS is an explosive novel of psychological horror from the award-winning author of House of Sighs and A Place for Sinners. It is not for the faint of heart.

This newly revised edition also includes exclusive bonus material.

Black Voltage, 52 copy hardcover edition
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