The Everywhere House

The Everywhere House
by Mary SanGiovanni

A group of paranormal investigators is bribed or extorted by a wealthy real estate holding company to investigate and neutralize their most sinister and powerful property — a mansion in a small suburb of Connecticut.  However, Carrington House is not like other haunted houses; its ghosts are not like other ghosts.  Death in Carrington House is inexorable and multifaceted…and only the beginning of the horrors that await in its halls.  The team needs to find a way to stabilize the house and escape it, because the longer they stay, the less likely that they will ever find their way out again — in this universe, or in any other.

Signed by Mary SanGiovanni

Limited to 50 copies

Cover art by Vincent Chong

Expected Ship Date: May 2024

Black Voltage, 50 copy signed limited edition
$125.00 + shipping

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