The Event

The Event
by Michael McBride

A lone figure approaches the New York Stock Exchange in broad daylight,
his face painted like a reptile. He shrugs off his trench coat to reveal
the silver canisters and high-pressure dispersion system strapped to his
back. With an expulsion of gas, the screams of the living metamorphose
into the screams of the dying.

FBI Special Agent Renee Lawton leads the investigation, for she has a
unique insight into the event. It is part of a larger conspiracy, at the
heart of which is the oldest and most insidious of motives: greed. She
learns that not only is the love of money the root of all evil, but that
some people will go to any lengths to amass it.

In an unapologetic business where avarice and deceit are virtues and the
deadliest sin is complacency, Lawton discovers the old adage is true…
Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if that blood is your own.

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