The Blue People

The Blue People
by Mary SanGiovanni

From the acclaimed author of cosmic horror, Mary SanGiovanni, comes a new supernatural thriller which will make your blood run cold….

The worst snow storm of the year has just hit Colby, Connecticut. But this is no ordinary storm. For one thing, it’s almost June, and there is no sign of it letting up anytime soon. Schools and businesses have closed, power has gone out in some places, cell phone reception is limited and Internet access is down.

There is also a number of dead bodies accumulating with the snow, and countless other townsfolk have gone missing. There are killers out there in the dark and cold of Colby. The human ones are intent on ushering in an evil the likes of which this world has never seen. But the ones that are not human have far worse plans in store.

Cut off from the rest of the world, Jack Glazer and Kathy Ryan are heading a task force to investigate and put a stop to the killings in Colby. They are trapped with the cultists who have brought the storm to town through occult means, and they are running out of time and resources to survive. As the number of innocent townsfolk diminishes, the strength and amount of snow seems to increase, and terrible things are howling and swirling through those growing drifts, intent on spilling blood. Though Jack and Kathy fear their team may be hopelessly underprepared for a fight to save the world, they are determined to stop the murder cult at the heart of the storm before everything and everyone they love is buried under in an arctic hell forever.

Black Voltage, 66 copy hardcover edition
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