SUBMERGED (Labyrinth Book 2)

SUBMERGED (Labyrinth Book 2)
by Brian Keene

The Seven have won the first battle against the Thirteen, but it cost them one of their number. Now Frankie, Teddy, LeHorn, Tony, Bloom, and the Exit find themselves in the middle of a global superstorm on a flooded Earth, reunited with old friends and facing off against familiar threats, including the terrifying titanic might of Behemoth and Leviathan, and the machinations of Ob, Lord of the Siqqusim. In a fight that spans from a sodden landscape to the very heart of ancient R’lyeh, only one thing is certain. Even if they win, it will be at an unimaginable cost. The storm is here… and the end continues.

SUBMERGED: THE LABYRINTH Book Two continues Brian Keene’s magnum opus, featuring characters, locations, and situations from throughout his vast literary universe in a multi-volume epic saga that will thrill both new readers and long-time fans.

SUBMERGED: THE LABYRINTH Book Two — It’s raining again…

Black Voltage Supercell, 248 copy limited edition
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