Splatterwestern HCs continue!

Splatterwestern HCs continue!
by various

After doing hardcovers of the first 13 DHP books, Thunderstorm is back to continue the tradition.  Books 14-17 are ready to go.  And we are working on more for the future!

This listing is for collectors who want to continue these books as a set with matching letters.  If you collected these in the past (either directly from me or directly from DHP) you will receive matching letters (if you bought them from booksellers, I am sending them their same letters as well).

If you are new to the SplatterWesterns and want to start collecting them all, I will set you up with a matching letter.

If you are looking for individual copies of these books, I will break up any unsold sets in one week.

Special, Includes all four books #14, #15, #16, #17. (limited to 52 copies each)
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