Something Went Wrong

Something Went Wrong
by Nate Southard

A smitten thug makes a choice between saving the world or the woman he loves…

With wood and nails, a man builds a weapon of hatred and violence in order to battle his past….

In the middle of the night, a lonely man wakes to find a sack of body parts on his doorstep….

A mysterious agent wonders if he can live with his new job while training under a man who horrifies him….

Terror and true love. Determination and hatred. Sadness and hope. All this and more awaits you in Nate Southard’s second collection of short tales. Including the original novella Something Went Wrong, these seventeen stories of broken, angry, mournful, and iron-willed people will show you the lengths the desperate and lonely will go to when the stakes are high and things go wrong.

White Lightning, 100 copy edition
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