Slaughter City

Slaughter City
by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason

The Sisters of Slaughter have put together a macabre gathering of tales dripping with blood, guts, and spectral torment in their very first collection of short stories. It’s a mix of classic S.O.S offerings originally published in anthologies spanning the last ten years from some of the darkest publications and a handful of never-before published yarns, displaying their brutality and dark humor, to satisfy your gore-hungry cravings. These stories are also accompanied by two novellas that are sure to make you cringe, gag, and giggle. From tooth decay demons to isolated mansions, from ghost dogs and road kill, to paranormal hunters and vengeful brides, take a trip through the darkness and straight to the gates of Hell. Grab your ticket and hop on the horror train! Welcome to Slaughter City!

Black Voltage, 40 copy hardcover edition
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