Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father
by J. F. Gonzalez

Matt Walker’s wife, Joan, hasn’t been herself lately.

First her mother dies. Her father dies unexpectedly the very next day. Paul and Loretta Gaines had moved in to the Walker’s home when Paul’s illness became debilitating and he required constant care.

Now Matt Walker is in a bind. For the past two years, he physically abused his father-in-law. Paul, unable to scream for help, bore the brunt of Matt’s blind rage in silence. Matt’s violent acts toward his father-in-law were fueled by Joan’s descriptions of home life growing up . According to Joan, Paul had physically abused his only daughter for years, one time throwing her down the stairs.

With Paul dead, Matt is afraid his secret will be exposed. He was always careful to not leave obvious bruises or other tell-tale signs. But a medical examiner has found evidence of abuse. And an investigation is opened.

But the worst is yet to come…

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