by J.F. Gonzalez

Rick Nicholson loves his new job at Bent Creek Country Club and Resorts.

The exclusive five-star hotel, located on forty square miles of rolling forests and picturesque prairies, is a perfect getaway for the affluent, and a monument to prestige. Bent Creek offers it all – at a price.

But Rick soon learns that the price may be steeper than he ever imagined. Because after dark, unthinkable things happen on the grounds at Bent Creek. Unspeakable atrocities that hint of something more powerful than wealth or the elite. Something evil. And when he finally uncovers the real secrets of Bent Creek, there may be no time to stop them. No time to scream. No time to…RETREAT.

Note to collectors:  This edition is limited to 72 numbered copies but it is unsigned.

Black Voltage, 72 copy hardcover edition
$80.00 + shipping