Reality Soured

Reality Soured
by Leigh Haig

After years of frustration and heartbreak, Nigel and his beautiful wife finally have a gorgeous infant son. There is nothing Nigel wouldn’t do for his son, and his safety means more than life itself. So when Nigel awakes one night to discover that he is trapped in a reality parallel to his own, and that something that looks and sounds like him has taken his place, he soon finds himself living a nightmare. Unable to affect the world around him, Nigel can only watch, helpless, at this creature assumes his identity, invading his marriage bed and feeding from his son’s life-force. Although the creature promises that no harm will be done, Nigel suspects more sinister intentions. With time quickly running out, Nigel must learn how to defeat this doppelganger and save his family.

Black Voltage Private Reserve, 36 copy edition
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