Operation Rhinoceros Hornbill

Operation Rhinoceros Hornbill
by Gene O'Neill

Who says you have to be young, muscular, and movie star handsome to be a
secret agent? With OPERATION RHINOCEROS HORNBILL, Gene O’Neill carries on
the brilliant adventures of aging combat vet and Black Ops specialist Ryan
O’Toole, which began with the high octane thriller THE BLUE HERON. This time
O’Toole is journeying deep within Borneo to stop a potential global
slaughter genetically targeted at only the members of the Caucasian race.
This lengthy novella races along at breakneck speed, taking the breathless
reader along for the ride into the very heart of darkness. Highly

— Gord Rollo, author of Valley Of The Scarecrow and The Dark Side Of Heaven

White Lightning, 100 copy edition
$40.00 + shipping