Open Wounds

Open Wounds
by Brandon Ford

When a young girl is robbed of her innocence, the only thing she has left is her voice and she uses this voice to tell a horrific story of rape, abuse, and neglect.

After her parents divorce, fourteen-year-old Kate is taken cross-country by her mother to start over. What is supposed to be a new beginning quickly becomes an inescapable nightmare when Grady Stratton enters their lives. A monster more terrifying than any young Kate has ever encountered, Grady uses his strength and dominance to force her into unspeakable acts and soon, she not only loses her sense of safety, she also loses her sense of self.

A leatherbound diary as her only confidante, she writes her story each day, praying that these pages will somehow save her, while she continues to dream of a life outside the hell she is forced to call home. A ruthless and visceral coming-of-age tale, Open Wounds will not only grab you by the throat, but will tear it out completely.

Black Voltage, 66 copy hardcover edition
$75.00 + shipping