No Outlet

No Outlet
by Matthew Warner

Ever been lost in a shopping mall?

Steve Clarke and his spendthrift wife, Tanya, just wanted to buy one simple Christmas gift. But the crowds on Black Friday swarm thicker than cockroaches. Worse, the mall reconfigures itself around them. The stores move and change names. Hallways appear and disappear. The exit is impossible to find. When they ask for help, the crowd treats them like lepers.

Worst of all, Tanya is an utter bitch.

It’s every man’s worst nightmare: trapped in an endless shopping mall with a shrew of a wife. Steve wonders what will give out first, their lives or their marriage.

“Matthew Warner scores a bull’s eye. No Outlet crackles with originality as it serves up a truly terrifying experience.” — F. Paul Wilson


About the Author

Matthew Warner’s publishing credits span a variety of formats, although horror readers know him mostly through novels such as Blood Born and collections such as Horror Isn’t a 4-Letter Word. Dramatic works include films from Darkstone Entertainment based on his screenplays, plus a radio play and stage play premiered by theaters in central Virginia.

Warner lives with his wife, the artist Deena Warner, and sons, Owen and Thomas. Readers can visit him at

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