Nightmareland Chronicles 2

Nightmareland Chronicles 2
by Daniel Barnett

Back cover copy of book 2:


There’s a house on Utah Lake. A safe haven resting in the shadow of the unspeakable, the locale promises refuge for the Flashlighters after tragedy drives them back to civilization with John and company in tow. But grief is a nightmare of its own, and people will take desperate measures to escape its dominion. Even if the way out is drenched in blood.


Things have changed.

For John Hawthorne and his companions, finished at last with their long drive north, there’s a feeling that wasn’t there before, a warmth both familiar and hard to define.

For Gregory Fleck and the Flashlighters, spurred through nightmarish city streets and treacherous mountain passes in pursuit of revenge, the world has become a savage place – cold, hopeless, and brimming with horrors.

Things have changed.

And in the darkened wilderness of the Wyoming Range, as winter closes in around his brother’s cabin and old wounds threaten to reopen, John must choose between the family he has found and the blood that waits for him—sleeping and awake—in a blue house by the Atlantic Ocean.

Black Voltage, 42 copy limited edition
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