Muerte Con Carne

Muerte Con Carne
by Shane McKenzie

Marta’s parents were deported back to Mexico when she was a little girl, but they promised her they would come back for her. She never saw them again. Like so many others, her parents had disappeared without a trace while trying to cross the United States/Mexico border illegally.

Now, Marta’s mission is to shed light on the mistreatment of illegal immigrants by the United States Border Patrol, convinced that it was them who were responsible for her parents’ disappearance. She heads to the border, her plan being to pose as an immigrant crossing over the border illegally, hoping to get caught by Border Patrol so that she can document what happens to her with a hidden camera. Felix, her lover, comes along, not only to make sure she stays safe, but because he is in love with her and plans on proposing to her.

After an argument, Marta goes off alone, determined to accomplish her mission. Once she gets there, she finds out there is something much worse than La Migra hunting along the border. Along with a small family of immigrants, she is drugged, and when she wakes up, she finds herself trapped in a nightmare. One full of cannibalism, incest, and hardcore Mexican wrestling.

Will Felix be able to find her before she is next on the menu?

From the sick imagination of Shane McKenzie comes this Tex-Mex Chainsaw Massacre, Muerte Con Carne.

There’s just something about Mama’s cooking…

Black Voltage, 66 copy hardcover edition
$75.00 + shipping