Money Run

Money Run
by Sam W Anderson

Anybody who benefits from the United States economy owes some
debt to the shadowy black-market network propping it up: The
Money Run. Like those affordable goods? Thank The Run. Enjoy a
little pick-me-up or calm-me-down after work? Again, The Run.
Basically, freedom? God bless the goddamned Money Run.
And it’s happening right under your nose. It’s that county road
nobody uses until one day you see an eighteen-wheeler kicking up
its dust. It’s back alleys nobody should go down. It’s forgotten
highways, hidden airfields, and isolated warehouses. This is the
network that makes up The Money Run.

The stories in this book are about the people who populate this
world. Tales of human trafficking, counterfeiting, murder, dwarf
tossing (you read that right), and the agnostic religious leader
who oversees it all, Deacon Rice.

This volume contains:

AMERICAN GOMORRAH – The short story collection that started it
THE NINES – The full-length novel.
THE SENTIMENTAL ASSASSIN – The previously released novella.
VONDA – An original, new novella.

So, please buckle up, nestle into that comfy chair with your
clear conscience and enjoy your ride along The Money Run.

Black Voltage, 40 copy hardcover edition
$125.00 + shipping