Jimmy the Freak

Jimmy the Freak
by Charles Colyott and Mark Steensland

From Charles Colyott, acclaimed author of the Randall Lee mystery series, and Mark Steensland, co-
author of The Special, comes an emotional roller coaster of razor-sharp suspense.

Thanks to being dropped on his head when he was a baby, Jimmy is now both mentally disabled and
psychic. This has made him the perfect target for abuse by those who would exploit his wild talent for
their own power and glory.

Disgusted by his part in the game, Jimmy’s bodyguard Mike takes him on the run. But Mike’s boss isn’t
the sort to let a meal ticket go easily, so he dispatches a brutal hitman named Ash to hunt them down
and bring Jimmy back to work.

Winding through a snow-covered landscape of back alleys, cheap motels, and strip clubs, Mike must
fight his own personal demons while desperately trying to keep Jimmy free.


“Loved it! Colyott and Steensland have crafted an intense thrill ride full of suspense, action and heart.
Rain Man meets Midnight Run with some Stranger Things sci-fi mixed in. Highly recommended!”
— Stephen J. Smith, screenwriter of SUMMER OF ’84, author of THE SABRAEL CONFESSION

“Jimmy the FreakĀ is a road trip thriller with a wild mix of heart, internal battles of right and wrong, and a
touch of the supernatural that ties it all together. Its pages are filled with conflicted characters trying to
fulfill what they believe to be their own personal truth. The only problem? Those truths conflict with
every other character’s motivations. Witty dialogue and a crackling pace make this novella a must-read.”

“Poignant enough to rip your heart in two but at the same time as dark as a serial killer’s soul, Jimmy the
Freak ranks among the best books I’ve read in the last few years. It’s a tale that expertly mixes horror
and noir, reminding this reader of a cross between Of Mice and Men, Frailty, and The Dead Zone, with a
dash of classic road-trip thrills: good guys on the run from bad guys with guns. In a word, Jimmy the
Freak is fantastic.”
— James Newman, author of UGLY AS SIN, ANIMOSITY, and ODD MAN OUT

Nightmare Alley, 50 copy hardcover edition
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