I Died Too, But They Haven’t Buried Me Yet

I Died Too, But They Haven’t Buried Me Yet
by Ross Jeffery

Henry’s daughter was fourteen when she went missing and he’s been burying pieces of her ever since. Each totem Henry places in the ground is a memento mori of his daughter’s life that he’s desperate to forget. Surviving with the guilt of his possible role in her disappearance, and more than likely her death, Henry is unable to move forward.

All is not lost though, when a stranger appears at Henry’s grief counseling group with a dark and disturbing proposition for him. “Have you ever tried to make contact with your daughter, to see if she’s passed?”

What follows is a tale of deception and possession like no other. With thriller pacing and words that bleed off the page, Ross Jeffery delivers a terrifying nightmare of how grief can climb inside and bury itself in the human heart.

Black Voltage, 60 copy limited edition
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