Heavy Oceans

Heavy Oceans
by Tyler Jones

From Tyler Jones, author of MIDAS and BURN THE PLANS, one of Esquire’s Best Horror Books of 2022, comes a story of deep sea terror and cosmic horror.

Struggling with the pressures of being a new father and the weight of regrets, Jamie Fletcher travels to Hawaii in hopes of connecting with his estranged brother, Eric.

After a shocking act of violence, the brothers end up on a fishing boat–along with the captain and his son–in the middle of the ocean, where they encounter an uncanny and terrifying phenomenon that will signal a shift in the evolution of the world.

Includes the bonus novella SIDEWINDER, in which a young musician receives a custom, otherworldly guitar pedal.

Signed by Tyler Jones and Nat Cassidy, who provides the introduction.

Cover art by Ben Baldwin

Expected Ship Date is April 2024.

Black Voltage, 150 signed limited copies
$110.00 + shipping