Hazards Exist That Are Not Marked

Hazards Exist That Are Not Marked
by Kristin Dearborn

he world is a magical place. The journey through Dearborn’s five novellas takes us from the nature preserve of the Everglades, to Maine blanketed in winter snow, to the rainbow of autumn in Vermont, the jewel tones of an island off the coast of the Philippines, to the sun-baked deserts of Nevada. All of these places are wonderful to visit, but each of them hides a terrible secret. Hazards exist that are not marked on any map.

Something has gotten into the waterways of the Everglades, something that’s driving the alligators into a vicious frenzy.

A storm has rolled in to the remote town of Rocky Rhodes, and taking cover underneath the cold and snow is a presence that feeds exclusively on men.

In an update of H.P. Lovecraft’s Whisperer In Darkness, a woman picks up a hitchhiker and falls under siege from forces domestic and unearthly.

A pair of ghost-hunters make the trip to an island off the coast of the Philippines to make a documentary, only to discover an evil they could never have imagined.

A woman and her two small children go missing outside Las Vegas. Suspicions fall on her husband, but why is he scrambling to get his hands on the weight loss shake she sold?

In the underbelly of the world that Dearborn shows us there are dangers at every turn, and no one is to be trusted. Be careful out there and remember: Hazards exist that are not marked.

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