Drawn & Quartered

Drawn & Quartered
by Shane McKenzie

Miscarriage after miscarriage convinces a woman that the Stork is bringing her dead babies because she is not a fit mother…

A boy of mixed race who appears to be of Mexican descent finds himself initiated into a violent street gang because of his infatuation with a girl…

An infertile doula is desperate for a child of her own, and will go to any length necessary to become a mother. Even if it means inviting an ancient creature into her bedroom…

A mysterious new Bingo hall opens up in a low-income neighborhood, attracting the residents with promises of big cash prizes. A boy and his friends begin to realize something is very wrong with Big Time Bingo, and its proprietor, Mr. Big, and they know he must be stopped before their neighborhood and their loved ones are consumed by greed…

Desperation. The characters in these stories yearn for what they cannot have, whether it be a healthy child, a girl, or a life of luxury. Their desire to obtain these things takes over their every thought, and by any means necessary, they will have them. Four brand new novellas from the mind of Shane McKenzie to sustain your hunger for the horrific. With introductions by Wrath James White, Weston Ochse, J.F. Gonzalez, and Bryan Smith.

What is the Difference Between the Two Editions?

The Hard Rain edition is limited to 99 signed, unnumbered copies. The book is produced with the cover art printed on the boards (no dustjackets) and the trim size is 6″x9″.

The Black Voltage edition is limited to 66 signed, individually numbered copies. The book is produced with bonded leather boards, full color dustjackets with spine art, and specialty endsheets; the trim is an over-sized 7″x10″; the signature page is full color. The interior design is also enhanced. Also included: 5 bonus stories by Shane McKenzie and signatures of Wrath James White, JF Gonzalez, Weston Ochse, and Bryan Smith.

Black Voltage, 66 copy edition
$75.00 + shipping