Death, Scum, and TV Fun

Death, Scum, and TV Fun
by John Wayne Comunale

Have you ever thought of selling your soul in exchange for the life you wish you had, but were too lazy to do it correctly? Maybe you’re trying to find yourself, and want to do it in the most disgusting way possible? Perhaps you’ve toyed with giving in to an obsession while killing people on the side? Well my friend you are in luck! Death, Scum, and T.V. Fun is a collection of three books from John Wayne Comunale, and just what you need to get started down one or all of the roads mentioned above. 

Death Pacts and Left-Hand Paths, Scummer, and As Seen On T.V. are included within to take you through worlds containing devilish double-crosses with occult contract killings, filthy dive-bars where the scum of the Earth are king, and the fastidious world of a serial killer who must obtain all As Seen On T.V. products while the world explodes into a popcorn-covered hellscape around him.

Sate your appetite for strange horror tales with a triple helping from this collection, so gorge yourself and enjoy. Just be sure to read the fine print before signing any deals, and you should be fine. Maybe . . .

 “John Wayne Comunale is like a punk rock Joe R. Lansdale. A storyteller with a unique voice and style that are all his own. He’s quickly become one of my favorites.” — Brian Keene

Black Voltage, 45 copy edition
$99.00 + shipping