Dead Pennies

Dead Pennies
by Robert Ford

After leaving an abusive relationship, Abby visits an old friend on her way to her mother’s in Florida. Hayden’s Uncle Jack is renovating a building into high-end apartments in town, and with the lure of living rent-free in a beautiful loft, Abby becomes the caretaker with the building all to herself.

Abby hears strange sounds at night. Shadows move as if they’re alive. Led to believe the structure was previously a school, Abby is told by the last living employee of Harper’s Grove that the building used to be a home for the infirm and unwanted children, the Dead Pennies of society, unfit for circulation. Abby and Hayden search for the cause of the strange events at Harper’s Grove, and find out why some spirits of won’t sleep until they get vengeance.

Black Voltage, 40 copy hardcover edition
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