DarkWalker 1:  Hunting Grounds

DarkWalker 1: Hunting Grounds
by John Urbancik

Jack Harlow walks untouched through the dark.

He sees the creatures, the ghosts and the vampires, and they cannot touch him.

That changes when, one night in Orlando, he meets and falls in love with Lisa Sparrow, and protects her from one of those creatures.

The dark surrounds Jack Harlow and closes in on him, and he’s no longer untouchable. Worse, the creatures of the night are compelled to kill him. Aided by his lover and a vampire hunter, Jack Harlow must find out how to reclaim his immunity before he dies.

Shadows, phantoms, vampires, lycanthropes, demons, elementals, golems, dark faeries – and more converge on Orlando to destroy Jack Harlow, the DarkWalker. Can he – can they – survive?

John Urbancik's Darkwalker Box Set, 18 copy lettered edition
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