Crimson Springs

Crimson Springs
by John Quick

The last thing Tim wanted was to move to a small town like Crimson Springs after spending his entire life in a larger city like Nashville.  His dad was going to be the new police chief, so he didn’t really have much choice in the matter.  When he spotted the cute girl on the courthouse steps on the way in, though, he figured it might not be that bad.

Little did he know, Crimson Springs wasn’t an ordinary small town in the south.  It had a secret, an exceptionally dark one, and it was about to consume him.  Something’s not quite right with this place, and it is up to Tim and a pair of fellow outcasts to figure out what’s behind it, and to stop it before it’s too late.

Crimson Springs a lovely little place to die.

Black Voltage, 45 copy hardcover edition
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