Crank Stomp

Crank Stomp
by Erik Williams

“This book gives new meaning to the word OUTRAGEOUS! It’s so totally off-the-wall while at the same time so unputdownable that it blew my creative doors off. The whole time I was reading it I was PISSED that I hadn’t thought of it.”

Bigfoot is real and he’s addicted to meth!

Russell and Mickey figured they’d eliminate the competition before it got off the ground. Can’t have too many players in the meth game, and territory has to be defended. So they roll up on the cabin in the middle of the night, take the competition by surprise, and blow them the fuck away. If that isn’t enough, they find a bag full of money and plastic boxes full of product ready for distribution. It’s looking like a pretty damn good score.

Until the thing in the cellar goes batshit crazy. Russell and Mickey find a Bigfoot in the cellar, trapped and hooked on meth. Now it’s fiending and no amount of meth will keep it locked up any longer. It wants out and it wants its taste.

Throw in a crazy Sheriff who likes the taste of drugs and hookers, an Iraq War Veteran sniper who wants some redemption, amateur porn film makers in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a widow who just wanted to say goodbye to her hubby, and you’ve got a recipe for bloody Bigfoot madness.

Nothing can stop a sasquatch on a drug-fueled rampage. And before the sun rises, there is going to be a lot of dead cops and junkies.

White Lightning, 70 copy hardcover edition
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