Children of the Dark

Children of the Dark
by Jonathan Janz

High school freshman Will Burgess lives with his drug-addicted a single mother. He’s singlehandedly taking care his six-year-old sister. As if that weren’t enough, Will’s dream girl is dating his arch-enemy, the most sadistic junior at Shadeland High. But things are about to become immeasurably worse.
The Moonlight Killer—one of history’s most frightening serial killers–has escaped from prison, and he’s being drawn to Will’s hometown of Shadeland by an ancient evil. When the worst storm of the decade descends on the town, so do the Moonlight Killer and the creatures from Shadeland’s caves.
Will must band together with his friends to save everyone he can. But the powers of evil are ferocious. And they’re eager to spill innocent blood.

Jonathan Janz Shadow Side
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