Carrion Harvest

Carrion Harvest
by Morgan Sylvia

“I have known three mothers, and I have had three deaths.”

So begins the harrowing tale of a young girl’s journey from innocence to madness. When her mother marries an ambitious genetic scientist, she is wrenched from her simple but familiar life on the coast of Maine and thrust into an elite world of wealth and power. As her stepfather’s influence grows, she realizes that his experiments are not as benevolent as he claims … and that he serves a force far darker than simple greed. After a catastrophic disaster at his lab unleashes a devastating power that leaves cities burning and transforms the land into an apocalyptic hellscape, she must fight to save both her own humanity and the handful of survivors that remain.


Carrion Harvest is a stunning gift of old-school horror combined with a heartbreaking coming-of-age story, all wrapped up in mesmerizing prose. – Tom Deady, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Haven.

“Beautiful, dark and menacing…A truly terrifying tale about how assumingly good intentions can and do go horribly wrong when money, greed, and power come into the equation. Morgan Sylvia’s Carrion Harvest is environmental horror at its finest. Enter the fields…if you dare.” ~Renee S. DeCamillis, author of The Bone Cutters and Chisel the Bone

“Carrion Harvest reads like a 50s monster movie written by Robert Frost. Sylvia’s mastery of poetic prose is on full display here, elevating a story about grief, unwanted change, and the loss of self. A beautiful piece I could not put down.” –Steve Van Samson, author of Black Honey and Year of the Rattlesnake

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