Breeding & Feeding Ground

Breeding & Feeding Ground
by Sarah Pinborough

The world is changing. Women everywhere are giving birth to a new life form — hideous spidery nightmares that live to kill — and feed. As England becomes a series of web-shrouded ghost towns, those left alive must band together in order to survive and find a way to fight back . . .

In a sleepy English village Matt Edge and those he has gathered together head for a secret government facility in the hope of finding refuge and answers there, only to find some of their problems are just beginning. In London, a group of schoolboys must take on a crazed drugs lord, determined to create an empire from the wreckage of the city, in order to escape . . .

. . . and everywhere, for each of them, the Widows are waiting . . .’

Black Voltage, 72 copy hardcover edition
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