Blood Sex Slime & Chinese Food

Blood Sex Slime & Chinese Food
by Shane McKenzie

Gluttony, sloth, greed, envy, wrath, and lust are all represented by these four novellas that were birthed from the depths of the dreadful place known as Shane McKenzie’s brain.  People so obsessed with food that they will do anything to get to it, even if it means devouring their loved ones.  A man so lazy that he hardly bathes, spends his days playing games and reading comic books, convincing himself that he has been wronged by everyone around him.  When he stumbles onto a couple of ancient creatures, he uses their power to live out his deepest fantasies, get vengeance on all those who have mistreated him.  A young man who wishes he was bigger and stronger, green with envy as he watches a massive bodybuilder pump iron, wanting to be him so badly that he contemplates injecting himself with performance-enhancing drugs.  Until a strange river of slime rises in the street and submerges them into a verdant, bubbling nightmare.  Another man who’s lived an easy life, living off his mother’s fortune, worrying about nobody but himself.  When he finds his loud neighbors slaughtered, watches their bodies reanimate and transform into hellish twisted creatures, he discovers more about himself in a single night than he ever did during the span of his life.  These stories will disgust you, horrify you, make you wonder why you ever cracked it open.  And this, dear readers, fills the author with pride.

This signed limited edition contains these four novellas: All You Can Eat, Bleed on Me, Jacked, and Fat Off Sex and Violence.


Black Voltage, 60 copy hardcover edition
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