Baby Doll

Baby Doll
by Shane McKenzie

     Natasha is locked in her bedroom. That’s where she’s always been. Her cruel mother’s dark, ugly secret. But she couldn’t blame her mother. The pictures in the magazines showed her what pretty was supposed to look like, and the mirror in her room showed her what she was. A monster. But she wanted more. She wanted someone to hold her, someone to tell her how beautiful she was. She wanted to fall in love.
     When she freed herself, stepped out into the world for the first time, she was met with more cruelty. Reminding her that she was too hideous, too grotesque, to ever be loved. So she ran away. To the woods, where monsters like her belonged.
     That’s when she saw him. Hurt. In trouble. Running and scared. It was fate, she knew, that brought them together. Love at first sight. Her Prince Charming. And Natasha wouldn’t let anyone hurt him again.
     She would decorate the world in blood and entrails to keep him safe. To keep them together.
     And they would live happily ever after. Forever and ever.
     Note:  Baby Doll was published in paperback/ebook form as Monsters Don’t Cry by Deadite Press.

Black Voltage, 64 copy hardcover edition
$80.00 + shipping