Abhorrent Existence

Abhorrent Existence
by John Baltisberger

When the Abhorrent rose from the waters of the Rio Grande and began its inexorable march through Texas, no one could have foreseen the horrors that would engulf the world.

Abhorrent Siren followed those who faced the mutagenic terror of the Abhorrence as bodies and minds were warped, people turned into inhuman monsters, while San Antonio was crushed under the feet of the Abhorrent kaiju. Abhorrent Faith brought the evil Pastor Aiden King, who sought to use the terrifying power of the monster to grow his own power and fulfill his own terrifying vision of bigotry and hate.

Finally, in Abhorrent Accords, the true scope of the Abhorrence emerges. A pandemic of monstrous mutations is rippling across the globe and subsuming all decency and humanity. The evil of Aiden King spreads, and those who survive and somehow escape the changes and carnage will still watch their lives being destroyed. If the human race does survive, will humanity still be the final casualty?

This special collector’s edition of Abhorrent Existence gathers together all three novellas, along with short stories that delve deeper into the world of the Abhorrence and three essays. With an introduction by adored Godzilla comic artist Matt Frank, this is the quintessential collection of kaiju terror.

Black Voltage, 40 copy hardcover edition
$125.00 + shipping